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50 most asked MCQ Computer Questions

Section 1:   The section contains 10 question that comprises of features and devices of computer.
Q-1 When a key is pressed on the keyboard, which standard is used for converting the keystroke into corresponding bits? A) ASCII  B) ISO C) ANSI D) EBCDIC E) None of these
Q-2 Which of the following is a standard code used to exchange information among data processing and communication system? A) ACM B) ANSI C) ASCII D) APL E) OSI
Q-3 A term associated with the comparison of processing speed of different computer system is A) EFTS B) MPG C) CPS D) MIPS E) None of these Q-4 Microprocessor used in making of A) Computer B) Digital System C) Calculator D) None of these E) All of the above
Q-5 Number of function keys on the keyboard? A) 14 B) 13 C) 11 D) 12 E) None of these
Q-6 The reading speed of MICR is about A) 24 B) 240