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7 Ways to reply thank you

Hello everyone, I’m happy to share an article with our new category Language Etiquette. This blog is all about reverting to people for their acknowledgment of appreciation.

It’s a sweet feeling when people lend you the gratitude after a nice gesture extended by you. But it were equally polite and appreciated when you revert them. Personally, many times I too got stuck in a situation where choosing an ultimate golden phrase seems a little tricky.
When people say- “Thank you.” It means you have truly done something for them. Something for which they need to express gratitude to you. I feel many a time, how to reply them back with a same polite way for their Thanksgiving.
So, I decided to write this post for people like me. Who needs a perfect response to an ideal situation?
Here I have taken some ordinary life situation. And for every case, what I felt like a more appropriate reply is listed -
The universal phrase that set with all situations.
1) You’re welcome / Pleasure is all mine– Openin…

My First HTML Web Page

In our previous blog, we have given some basic introduction to HTML Language. Please read if you are new to Web Programming.

Before going through the blog, you need to have a text editor/notepad and a web browser. To open a notepad. Read Blog How to open notepad?
In this blog, we are going to create our first HTML Web page. For this, we need to understand the very first 4 basic HTML tags. And those four basic tags are: 1) html: <html>…</html> is the container tag. It describes an HTML document. 2) head: <head>...</head> tag describes the page heading section. It is invisible on the webpage. 3) title: <title>…</title> tag is used to put the title of the web page in the browser. This is the only tag which is visible in the head section/tag. 4) body: <body>…</body> tag is a container for visible content on the browser.
Point to remember
1) Html is all about tags. 2) Every tag must be enclosed with opening and closing angular brackets (For e.g. <…