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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Everything You Should Know About the Nipah Virus

As we know Kerala is on High alert due to viral attack caused by Nipah Virus(NiV). 
Checkout Symptoms, Prevention & Cure: Get to know all of it.

Question: What is Nipah Virus?

Answer: Nipah virus was initially discovered when it caused an outbreak of brain fever among pig farmers in Malaysia.

Question: Should I be worried? 

Answer:  A little. As it is transmitted from person to person and there is no effective antiviral therapy for this infection.

Question: Who is at high risk and How is it transmitted? 

Answer: 1. People working with pigs and consuming pigs.

2. Farmers who come in contact with bats.

3. Consuming Fruits which are already bitten by the bat.

4. Contact with people who already have Nipah virus infection. 

Question: What are the early symptoms? 

Answer: The initial presentation is non-specific, characterized by the sudden onset of fever, headache, muscle pain, nausea, and vomiting. Neck rigidity and photophobia are also seen.

The disease rapidly progresses, with deterioration in consciousness *leading to coma within five to seven days.

Question: How is it diagnosed? 

Answer: The diagnosis is by ELISA which is currently done at National Institute of Virology, Pune.

Question: How is it treated? 

Answer: Supportive care is the mainstay of treatment and infected patients may require intensive care monitoring.

Question: How do we prevent it? 

Answer: 1. Avoid contact with pigs and pig handlers.

2. Maintain personal hygiene and intensive hand washing practices

3. *Avoid consuming raw fruits,* Consume only well cooked, clean, homemade food till the outbreak settles down. 

4. Preferably use the N95 mask while traveling or working in public places to avoid person to person transmission.

5. Be aware of the symptoms and report to the doctor immediately for early diagnosis and treatment.

Share this message with all your cared ones, 
 *Together, we can fight and win !*  

- Dr.Arjun.M.B, MD 
Dr.R.M.L Hospital, New Delhi.
(National Nodal Centre for Control of yellow fever and other communicable diseases)
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Thursday, 17 May 2018

How to cast bigint to nvarchar in sql server - Solved

Hi developers, I am writing this blog for helping one of my internet friend who asked for my help.

I am sharing the query on which the error is occurring for future reference.


declare @EmployeeTransID bigint
set @EmployeeTransID=33234000234454
declare @EmployeeTransIDGUID nvarchar(50)

select @EmployeeTransID as EmployeeTransID
set @EmployeeTransIDGUID = N'IMGHUNT' + @EmployeeTransID
select @EmployeeTransID as EmployeeTransID, @EmployeeTransIDGUID as EmployeeTransIDGUID

Error converting data type nvarchar to bigint.

You need to typecast the bigint to varchar.

set @EmployeeTransIDGUID = N'IMGHUNT' + CAST(@EmployeeTransID as varchar(50))

Hope you find the article helpful & interesting.

For any query, comment us below.

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Why you feel tired all the time

Some people are so full of life and energy, but for some reason even when you seem to get more than enough sleep, you're still fighting off yawns and fatigue through the day. 

So, why are you always tired? 

If you know the number of the hour's sleep isn't a problem, the second most common cause of fatigue comes from lack of physical activity and poor diet. Study after study finds that adults who began light exercise a few times a week reported more energy after six weeks. 

People who exercise more regularly also report sleeping better. Even though studies show that they aren't sleeping any longer. But if that doesn't help, don't go straight to your cup of joy. While many studies show that coffee is good for health research show that your reliance on it can make you more sleepy. 

Caffeine blocks adenosine in your brain which normally accumulates through the day and makes you sleepy at night but consuming coffee or energy drinks at night less than 6 hours before going to bed can ultimately affect your sleeping quality. As a people who don't use caffeine often report feeling less tired in the morning. 

These are the important factor which causes tiredness all the time.

1. Lack of Sleep
2. Poor Diet
3. Sedentary lifestyle
4. Excessive stress
5. Medical Condition

You might consider making sure you're fully hydrated with some water first too. One study found that a drop of 1.5% in our bodies normal water levels can cause difficulty concentrating. Ultimately alcohol reduces the amount of REM sleep you get and if you're binge drinking and sleeping in on the weekends be aware that a consistent sleep schedule is key.
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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Electronics Devices and ICs Multiple Choice Questions

Electronics and Communication questions and answers for Examination

1. Resistivity measurements are often used to determine.

a. carrier mobility
b. carrier concentration in intrinsic semiconductor
c. carrier concentration in extrinsic semiconductor
d. lifetime of polycrystalline materials

2. When an electric field is applied to an intrinsic semiconductor at room temperature say from left to right.

a. both electrons and holes drift to the right
b. both electrons and holes drift to the left
c. electrons drift to the right while the holes drift to the left
d. electrons drift to the left while hole drift to the right

3. The energy required to break a covalent bond in a semiconductor is.

a. always equal to 1.6 eV
b. greater in G and S
c. equal to the width of the forbidden energy gap
d. in same in G as in S.

4. In a semiconductor rate of diffusion of charge carriers.

a. depends on the concentration gradient and the mobility
b. depends on the concentration gradient alone
c. depends on the mobility alone
d. is independent of the concentration gradient and the mobility

5. Pure semiconductor are poor conductor because

a. they have no valence electrons
b. all valence electrons are in electron pairs
c. they have a number of holes
d. there are fewer electrons than produces

6. Forbidden energy gap in the semiconductor is of the order of.

a. 7eV
b. 1eV
c. 0.1eV
d. 0.05eV

7. At 300 K , the forbidden energy gap in germanium.

a. 0.785eV
b. 1.21eV
c. 0.72eV
d. 1.1eV

8. A 0 K, the forbidden energy gap in silicon is.

a. 0.785eV
b. 1.21eV
c. 0.72eV
d. 1.1eV

9. The mobility of holes in germanium of 300 K expressed in cm^2/V-s is.

a. 500
b. 1300
c. 1800
d. 3800

10. The mobility of holes in silicon of 300 K expressed in cm^2/V-s is.

a. 500
b. 1300
c. 1800
d. 3800


1. c
2. d
3. c
4. a
5. b
6. b
7. c
8. b
9. c
10. a

Share your comments and answers. #gate #psu

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Material and Components Multiple Choice Questions

Electronics and Communication Engineering Questions and Answers for Examination.

1. A capacitor that stores 0.5 C at 10 Volt has a capacitance of _____ farad?

a. 5
b. 20
c. 10
d. 0.05

2. The main function of a capacitor is to _____.

a. Block current flow
b. Help current flow
c. Store energy
d. Dissipate heat

3. The reactance of a coil at 100 Hz is 20 Ohm. Its reactance at 1 Khz would be _____ Ohm.

a. 2
b. 10
c. 40
d. 200

4. A coil of 2 H develops a counter of 4V in it. The rate of change of current through it must be _____ A/s.

a. 2
b. 0.5
c. 8
d. 1

5. A coil has an Inductance of  1 H if current changing at the rating of 2 A/s induces.

a. 1 V 
b. 2 V in another coil
c. 2 V 
d. 1/2 V

6.  An Inducatnce of a coil depends. Point out the incorrect answer.

a. Directly on the square of the number of its turn
b. Directly on the cross-sectional area of the core
c. Directly on the thickness of the wire used
d. Inversely as the length of the core

7. Ferrite cores commonly used in high frequencies

a. increase core losses
b. decrease core losses
c. decrease inductance
d. increase resistance

8. While measuring resistance with an ohm meter one should not touch test leads because_____.

a. of the possibility of electric shock
b. it may lower the ohm meter rating
c. it may ground the resistor
d. it may short the resistor being checked

9. When checked with an ohm meter, an open resistor leads.

a. infinite
b. zero
c. low but not zero
d. high but not infinite

10. If the current through a resistor is halved, wattage developed by it would be

a. half
b. quadrupled
c. cut to one-fourth
d. doubled


1. 3
2. 3
3. 2
4. 4
5. 1
6. 2
7. 2
8. 3
9. 3
10. 4

Share your comments and answers. #gate #psu 

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Friday, 11 May 2018

How to cast bigint to varchar in SQL Server? - Solved

Hi developers, I am writing this blog for helping one of my internet friend who asked for my help.

I am sharing the query on which the error is occurring for future reference.


declare @EmployeeTransID bigint
set @EmployeeTransID=33234000234454
declare @EmployeeTransIDGUID varchar(50)

select @EmployeeTransID as EmployeeTransID
set @EmployeeTransIDGUID = 'IMGHUNT' + @EmployeeTransID
select @EmployeeTransID as EmployeeTransID, @EmployeeTransIDGUID as EmployeeTransIDGUID

Error converting data type varchar to bigint.

You need to typecast the bigint to varchar.

set @EmployeeTransIDGUID = 'IMGHUNT' + CAST(@EmployeeTransID as varchar(50))

Hope you find the article helpful & interesting.

For any query, comment us below.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

URL character encoding

URL encoding means conversions of characters present in a URL (Universal Resource Locator) to a form that can be transmitted over the Internet.

The list of characters and there encode are given below: -

      backspace                       %08
      tab                                 %09
      linefeed                          %0A
      creturn                           %0D
      space                             %20
      !                                    %21
      "                                    %22
      #                                   %23
      $                                    %24
      %                                  %25
      &                                   %26
      '                                     %27
      (                                    %28
      )                                    %29
      *                                   %2A
      +                                   %2B
      ,                                    %2C
      -                                    %2D
      .                                    %2E
      /                                    %2F
      0                                    %30
      1                                    %31
      2                                    %32
      3                                    %33
      4                                    %34
      5                                    %35
      6                                    %36
      7                                    %37
      8                                    %38
      9                                    %39
      :                                     %3A
      ;                                     %3B
      <                                    %3C
      =                                    %3D
      >                                    %3E
      ?                                    %3F
      @                                   %40
      A                                    %41
      B                                     %42
      C                                     %43
      D                                     %44
      E                                     %45
      F                                     %46
      G                                    %47
      H                                    %48
      I                                     %49
      J                                     %4A
      K                                    %4B
      L                                     %4C
      M                                   %4D
      N                                    %4E
      O                                    %4F
      P                                     %50
      Q                                    %51
      R                                     %52
      S                                     %53
      T                                     %54
      U                                     %55
      V                                     %56
      W                                   %57
      X                                     %58
      Y                                     %59
      Z                                     %5A
      [                                     %5B
      \                                     %5C
      ]                                     %5D
      ^                                     %5E
      _                                     %5F
      `                                     %60
      a                                     %61
      b                                     %62
      c                                     %63
      d                                     %64
      e                                     %65
      f                                     %66
      g                                     %67
      h                                     %68
      i                                     %69
      j                                     %6A
      k                                     %6B
      l                                     %6C
      m                                   %6D
      n                                     %6E
      o                                     %6F
      p                                     %70
      q                                     %71
      r                                     %72
      s                                     %73
      t                                     %74
      u                                     %75
      v                                     %76
      w                                     %77
      x                                     %78
      y                                     %79
      z                                     %7A
      {                                     %7B
      |                                     %7C
      }                                     %7D
      ~                                     %7E
      ¢                                     %A2
      £                                     %A3
      ¥                                     %A5
      |                                     %A6
      §                                     %A7
      «                                     %AB
      ¬                                     %AC
      ¯                                     %AD
      º                                     %B0
      ±                                     %B1
      ª                                     %B2
      ,                                     %B4
      µ                                     %B5
      »                                     %BB
      ¼                                     %BC
      ½                                     %BD
      ¿                                     %BF
      À                                     %C0
      Á                                     %C1
      à                                    %C3
      Ä                                     %C4
      Å                                     %C5
      Æ                                     %C6
      Ç                                     %C7
      È                                     %C8
      É                                     %C9
      Ê                                     %CA
      Ë                                     %CB
      Ì                                     %CC
      Í                                     %CD
      Π                                    %CE
      Ï                                     %CF
      Р                                    %D0
      Ñ                                     %D1
      Ò                                     %D2
      Ó                                     %D3
      Ô                                     %D4
      Õ                                     %D5
      Ö                                     %D6
      Ø                                     %D8
      Ù                                     %D9
      Ú                                     %DA
      Û                                     %DB
      Ü                                     %DC
      Ý                                     %DD
      Þ                                     %DE
      ß                                     %DF
      à                                     %E0
      á                                     %E1
      â                                     %E2
      ã                                     %E3
      ä                                     %E4
      å                                     %E5
      æ                                   %E6
      ç                                     %E7
      è                                     %E8
      é                                     %E9
      ê                                     %EA
      ë                                     %EB
      ì                                     %EC
      í                                     %ED
      î                                     %EE
      ï                                     %EF
      ð                                     %F0
      ñ                                     %F1
      ò                                     %F2
      ó                                     %F3
      ô                                     %F4
      õ                                     %F5
      ö                                     %F6
      ÷                                     %F7
      ø                                     %F8
      ù                                     %F9
      ú                                     %FA
      û                                     %FB
      ü                                     %FC
      ý                                     %FD
      þ                                     %FE
      ÿ                                     %FF

Hope you find the article helpful & interesting. For any query, comment us below.

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