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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Music - To keep you calm and stress-free

When people ask me, how to stay calm in an extremely tense and lonely situation. I asked them, wanna interested in listening to my playlist. Well, I love listening to music because MUSIC takes me to some other world far away from the world's stresses… No tension, just ease of mind and relaxation… music has the power to flip your mood. It can make you believe and sense the meaning of your existence in a single moment. There are a lot of songs that we all listen to in our daily life but there are few songs that touched our hearts. Sometimes those songs also make us cry too. I'm sure you have also felt the same. I’m going to start with this line from ‘meri pyaari bindo’-1A “kuch gaane apki zindagi se yoon hi judh jaate hain, unki dhun mein lipte hote hai chote badhe kisse, kayi saari yaadein".

That’s how this time I come up with the idea to write a Music Blog for my two evergreen songs whose lyrics make a lot of sense.

1. Song - MOH MOH KE DHAAGE (2015)
Movie - Dum Laga Ke Haisha
Lyrics By – Varun Grover
Vocals – Papon and Monali Thakur

Life and human emotions are very unpredictable, things that seem normal to you can appear in a different sense.  Same goes with songs, you've heard them a million times and suddenly make a whole new sense to you. "Moh Moh Ke Dhaage" by Papon and Monali, is that song for me.  From the whole song, my favorite line is “Tu hoga zara pagal, tune mujhko hai chuna.” When someone chooses you with all your flaws and imperfections and you don’t believe that, how can they choose you? Prem and Sandhya, a couple from the 90s two misfits, brought together by destiny (and their parents), who somehow find glimpses of each other, and realize that they are together. People who have been told they are “different” their whole life and when they meet, realize that they have been the same kind of different all along. This song is all about simple love between two common people.

Tu din sa hai, main raat, aa na dono, mil jaayein shaamo ki tarah” this line describes that we both are so different but love for each other is sufficient. "Ke aisa beparwah mann pehle toh na tha, chitthiyon ko jaise mil gaya, jaise ek naya sa pata" love is a heavy word more than shapes or sizes.  It’s more than proposals or dates. It’s about holding hands and supporting each other’s crazy dreams. About Maggi at 2:00 AM and the weird funny face one makes when the other is crying. Love is not that difficult. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world when you get your perfect better half at the right time.

2. Song – KAHIN TO HOGI WOH (2008)
Movie - Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na
Lyrics By – Abbas Tyrewala
Vocals – Rashid Ali and Vasundhara Das
Music Composer – A.R. Rahman

Rahman sir, your composition and Rashid sir, how beautifully you compose this song to the girl, who didn’t feel the same for you. “Kahin toh... kahin toh, hogi woh, duniya jahan tu mere saath hai”.  The perfect line to grab all my attention. You put your feeling into words so perfectly, to tell her that there has to be someplace in this world where she can be with you. You wanted her to know that if not now, then sometimes in the later life you could be together, where it would be only you and her with only love in the air. You wanted to create a new world for her. A world was full of love. As the song continues and moves smoothly through all the feelings in your heart, instantly I can feel the same chilling and goosebumps when you said, “Jaane naa kahan woh duniya hai,  jaane naa woh hai bhi ya nahi. Jahan meri zindagi mujhse, itni khafa nahi.” And when you said this, I felt you. You were fearsomely scared to not know the time; the time when she will be yours forever. Scared of being sure if the book of your destiny had her name on it.

And Rashid's good thing is, she was in love with you too! She said “Mein kho gayi hu, jaane kiski baahon mein” she was with someone else but confused if that was the right place, or she didn’t feel wanted there, she didn’t feel the spark there and maybe she didn’t feel at home in his arms and that was an indication that she was in love with you. But Rashid don’t you worry. Love won’t be mean to you. As it is said, “where there is great love, there are always miracles.” Anyone can relate to your love for her because there is always someone special in our life and the problem with us is that we think we are not for each other or our destiny is different but still we love them with all our hearts.

+ MUSIC = 😊

Now that you know what makes me feel light and what I like to listen, comment on your views and please share us your song and artist, help make your work done.

Previous – Chest Pain

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Posted By – Pushpa Saroj

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Sunday, 5 April 2020

Chest Pain

Every third person had chest pain once in his /her life. A wide range of health problems can cause chest pain. Most life-threatening chest pain is because of the lungs and heart. Chest pain represents about 5% of presenting problems an emergency problem. In children, it is about 0.5%.
Chest pain comes in wide varieties ranging from sharp, dull, crashing and burning. It can radiate to neck, jaw, back, and arms which depends on related organ pathology. Chest pain is a life-threatening condition, so it should be considered a medical emergency.

The causes of chest pain could be cardiac or non-cardiac.

Cardiac causes:

1. Angina
2. Heart attack or myocardial infarction
3. Aortic dissection
4. Pericarditis
5. Cardiac tamponade
6. Vascular disease
7. Cardiomyopathy-
7.1 Hypertrophic
7.2 Dilated
7.3 Restricted

Non-cardiac causes:

1. Gastrointestinal cause-
a. reflux esophagitis
b. cholecystitis
c. pancreatitis
2. Pulmonary causes-
a. pleuritis
b. pneumothorax
c. pneumonia
d. pulmonary embolism
3. Musculoskeletal causes-
a. arthritis
b. muscle spasm
c. bone tumour
4. Pscyhistric causes –
a. anxiety
b. depression

What are the risk factors of chest pain?

The following can all be risk factors of chest pain: -
1. Old age
2. Smoking
3. Hypertension
4. Diabetes mellitus
5. History of coronary heart disease
6. Positive family history
7. Excessive beverage intake

What are co-existing symptoms?

It could be present with chest pain like – nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath, anxiety, sweating.

What is the character of chest pain?

Character defines how the pain feels by the patients whether it is- stabbing, burning, aching or sharp.

The main question is that how to differentiate at your own that pain occurs in the chest is because of the cardiac or non-cardiac cause?

Cardiac pain is central and diffuse, tightness and squeezing in character. precipitated by emotion and exertion. Radiate to jaw/neck/shoulder which gets relieved by rest and drugs. Pain is associated with breathlessness.

Non-cardiac pain is peripheral and localized. Sharp and stabbing in character. Can’t be precipitated exertion or no history of radiation. It cannot be relieved by rest and drugs. relatively association is depending on the cause.

Why do we need to visit a doctor?

If you have new or unexplained chest pain, then you must consult a doctor or call for emergency medical help.

What can you do?

It is always best to consult a doctor and describe with all necessary details like: -
1. Give proper history.
2. Tell all symptoms in detail along with duration.
3. Tell medical history if present – diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease or any other
health-related issues.
4. Tell about the medication taken by the patient.
5. Tell if any family history present.
6. Tell about addiction if any- drugs, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, or any other.

How can you prevent the chest pain?

Here are some do’s and don’t if you are experiencing chest pain: -
What to do?
1. Quit smoking, alcohol or other addictive material.
2. Control blood sugar level or blood pressure.
3. Do regular exercise.
4. Keep yourself stress-free.
5. Have a balanced diet-
5.1 Green vegetables,
5.2 Omega-3 rich food (dry fruits, salmon fish, tuna fish)
5.3 Add pulses to your diet

What not to do?
1. Avoid Sedentary lifestyle
2. Avoid Oily food, junk food, meat, lamb, beef, pastries, and pickles’

Hope you find the article interesting... 

Please comment on your views and share your experiences on chest pain.

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Posted By – Saurabh Kumar Gautam
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