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Sunday, 10 August 2014

To thine own self be true (be the person who you are)

William Shakespeare has wonderfully quoted that "to thine own self be true" means you have to believe in yourself rather copying or following any other human being. Because this is your USB in yourself and no one can steal it from you. Some of us do not even love our self. It is also true that many of human beings influence us by their action and by their thinking which is not true to our self and we adopt to the fake thing done by the people. Because we have seen that, these actions done by others, make them lovable and attractive among others.

The very straightforward idea that came straight to my mind after thinking of Shakespeare quote is, “he was trying to tell us was, to not others shape our personalities.” We can learn some good things from others but do not try to follow that completely. Behave as original and sooner or later by; you find that you are cool among millions of people. I think it’s the surrounding or the society where you should live in, who would influence your thoughts and behavior, and they sound to set the definition of coolness. But, Shakespeare was telling not to let that happen. In reality, the coolest you can be with yourself. Make the others love you for who you are, not whom you turn out to be. And if they are not able to see that quality in you, then they are not the people whom you should hang out with.

If you genuinely think the meaning of the quote, you will also find that - they also want to accept yourselves. One of the hardest yet best things to do in life is accepting who you are. The term "Accepting yourself" looks simple and too short to speak, but it is harder to implement. I believe that there is some good in every person present on earth and slowly and steadily everyone may come to know about that. They may find their goodness by their good actions and thoughts. And when you come to know about yourself, from that time your life becomes easy and straightforward.

By the end, if the person realizes their goodness than the feeling of love for themselves and around them automatically develop.

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