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Thursday, 2 April 2015


Today in Engineer's World, we are Guiding you how to code your very first C# program in very easy way. Posted By- +Manish Kumar Gautam +LIVE VIAR +ASP.NET SOLUTIONS

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First C# Program

What is C#?

Definition: C# is a beautiful, structured, easy and type-safe object oriented language that enables developers to build a variety of secure and useful applications that run on the .NET Framework.

First Program:

Doing a new thing for the first time is really exciting to tell to anybody- I am sharing my first experience of doing programming.

As I have already explained that C# can be used to create Windows Application, Console Application, Web Application and many more

We would build our first program in Console Application.

But before start. One thing you need to have is a tool that understands C# language. As I am using Visual Studio (VS) for creating all these Applications. As Visual Studio is Microsoft flagship tool. So it's good to use it.

Now, you have the tool and you are excited to start. So,

Let's start doing coding.

Console Application:

Open your Visual Studio by Right clicking the icon. Make a habit to open it in Run as Administrator. As the VS start the window or the page that you get by default is called as the Start Page.

Go to the File Menu -> New -> Project.
Here you find all the list of Applications that can be made in .NET. Select the Console Application. Here, you find three entries that need to be filled.
o   Name- Specify the Project name here.
o   Location- Specify the location of the Project by browsing the path.
o   Solution Name- It will automatically take the Project name.
After filling the basic entries click OK button.

Note: There is a bar with blue color at the lower side of the application, which tell us about the status of the application. Currently, it is showing "Ready" means the application is ready for service.

By default, there is a Program.cs file available. If not then press Shift+Alt+C, choose the "Class" Item and name it with .cs extension. Write the following line of code under Main method.

Explained code:
Refer Blog Namespace
And Build Solution or Press F6. This command will compile the code. The status bar will tell you the status. If you got the message "Build Succeeded". Then, Press Ctrl+F5, this will run the code and output is shown in a cmd (command line) window.
That's it! You've just written your first C# application. Not too hard, right? Visual Studio does most of the work for you.

For any query, comment us below.

Related Questions: -

Q-1 What is Console Application?
Ans. A console application is a computer program designed to be used via a text-only computer interface, such as a text terminal, the command line interface of some operating systems.

Q-2 What is the difference between public, static and void?
All these are access modifiers in C#. Public declared variables or methods are accessible anywhere in the application. Static declared variables or methods are globally accessible without creating an instance of the class. And Void is a type modifier that states that the method or variable does not return any value.

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