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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Top 10 Run Commands

7. services.msc: Seventh command is services.msc i.e., Microsoft Windows Services Console. Services console work in action as soon as the Window boot up or start. Services Console window contain windows services that start when windows boot up. A computer expert uses this command whenever they want to Enable or Disable window services.

A Pop-up “User Account Control” which manages the program for- “Microsoft Management Control” appear before you. Click “OK” button.
Window Services Console

Second Option: There is also a secondary option by which you can open IIS. Go to Start Menu (Or Press Windows Button) -> Control Panel -> Change the View by from Category to Small Icons -> Administrative Tools -> Services.

8. powershell: Eighth command will open the Powershell tool. Powershell tool is much similar to Command prompt (Read Point 5 of the blogging sequence) but with much more enhanced features than Command Prompt.
Note: - Running command like this will open the powershell without Administrator Permissions.

9. wuapp: Ninth command is wuapp i.e., Window Update. Execution of this command will open the Window update window. Here, you can check for Windows updates, change in windows settings, view updated history, add features to update window and much more.
Window Update Console

10. firewall.cpl: Tenth command is firewall.cpl i.e., a quick access to your firewall window. During installation of any software, your windows firewall would interrupt between the installation processes. In that situation, you need to go to turn off your firewall to avoid any installation interrupt.
Firewall Window

Second Option: There is also a secondary option by which you can open Firewall. Go to Start Menu (Or Press Windows Button) -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Firewall.

Most Important Command:

One more command that I haven’t listed but used very much is –

%temp%: Last and important run command is %temp% i.e., Temporary Files Window. This command is used to open up the temporary folder. Temporary folder is a place in the computer memory where temporary files are kept. Such unused files will be collected in that folder and are not lasting or needed for a long time. So, it’s better to delete such files regularly or within 2 to 3 days.
Temp Folder

Or we can also explain it like-

During certain operation, some files are created to store data or services are created by the system. But, as the work finishes, these files are not deleted and resulting in wastage of drive space. Such files that are not used by the system are collected in a folder called Temp. And, these files keep collecting unless you manually delete them.

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Q-1 Which of the following command cannot worked on Run Dialog Box?
A) paint
B) %temp%
C) osk
D) inetmgr
Ans. Option(A).

Q-2 Which webserver is developed by Microsoft?
A) Apache Tomcat
B) Caudium
C) Internet Information Services (IIS)
D) WEBrick
Ans. Option(C)

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