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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Top 10 Run Commands

In this Blog, we would let you know what the Top 10 Run commands are. And how those command Run? And What are its functionalities?

Before reading the under mentioned 10 run command. Let me ask. Do you know how to open a Run Dialog Box?

I’ll help you. There are two ways: -

I. Direct Method:
Press Window Key (you will find the window key between Fn and Alt key) + R.

II. Second Method Depend On Window Version:
For Window XP and Window 7: Click on Window Icon on the lower left side corner of the screen. Then, select Run.
For Window 8, 8.1 and 10: Drag your mouse pointer to the upper right corner of your screen and click “Search”. Type “run” and you will see the “Run” Application as result. Click on the icon and it will open the “Run” Dialog Box.
Run Window

This way you can open your Run window to type various commands.

Now, let’s start with the Top Run Commands:

1. osk: First run command is osk i.e., On-Screen Keyboard. It displays a virtual keyboard on to the screen. This keyboard work and appear like your normal attached keyboard. You can type the On-screen keyboard keys by your mouse in case your attached keyboard in not working.
On-Screen Keyboard

2. calc: Second command is calc i.e., Calculator. It displays Windows calculator automatically. Now, you can do calculation - small, large or any type. You can also change the View of your calculator from Standard, Scientific, Programmer and Statistics.

3. notepad: Third run command is notepad. Notepad is text-editor application software for Windows. Notepad is a used to create simple text document. The extension for the file saved in notepad is (.txt). We cannot apply images, videos, external link, tags and emoticon in text file.

For any query, comment us below.

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Related Questions: -

Q-1 By which run command we show on-screen keyboard?
A) onscrkey
B) onskey
C) onscrk
D) osk
Ans. Option(D).

Q-2 Which things worked with notepad?
A) Font style
B) Font color
C) Hyperlink
D) Tables
Ans. Option(A)

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Posted By - +Manish Kumar Gautam +LIVE VIAR +ASP.NET SOLUTIONS

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