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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Top 10 Run Commands

4) control panel: Fourth command is control panel i.e., setting box. Control Panel is a place where you can adjust your computer settings. Computer setting includes System security, Network setting, Internet setting, Hardware setting, Sound setting, Program Install/Uninstall setting, Account and Family safety setting, Appearance and Personalization setting, Clock setting, Language setting, Religion setting, Backup and Restore setting, Remote Access setting and much more.
Control Panel

5) cmd: Fifth command is cmd i.e., Command Line Tool / Command Prompt / cmd.exe. It displays a Command Prompt Dialog Box in which you can type command and perform operation. The various commands include:
o   cd -> To open Directory
o   md -> To make Directory
o   cd.. -> To close the previous Directory
o   ipconfig -> To know the basic Windows information (that may include your IP Address and Gateway Address). Read more ipconfig
o   ipconfig/all ->To know the complete system information. Read more ipconfig/all
o   getmac -> To get the MAC Address (Physical Address) for remote access.
o   ping -> To test the existence of URL or IP.
Note: - Running command like this will open the command prompt without Administrator Permissions.
Command Prompt Window

6) inetmgr: Sixth command is inetmgr i.e., Information Internet Manager. “inetmgr” is used to manage and host web application, websites, FTP sites by using protocol include HTTP and HTTPS.
A Pop up “User Account Control” which manages program for- “IIS Manager” appear before your click “OK” button.
Information Internet Manager

Secondary Option: There is also a secondary option by which you can open IIS. Go to Start Menu (Or Press Windows Button) -> Control Panel -> Change the View by from Category to Small Icons -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

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Related Questions:

Q-1 Which of the following command cannot worked on Run Dialog Box?
A) paint
B) %temp%
C) osk
D) inetmgr
Ans. Option(A).

Q-2 Which webserver is developed by Microsoft?
A) Apache Tomcat
B) Caudium
C) Internet Information Services (IIS)
D) WEBrick
Ans. Option(C)

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