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Thursday, 12 May 2016

How to delete temp files using Disk Cleanup?

In this Blog, we are going to discuss how to use Windows- Disk Cleanup Tool to delete Temporary files.

Disk Cleanup: Disk Cleanup is Windows Utility Software. Its aim is to:
1) Delete temporary files from PC,
2) Delete temporary files from hard drive,
3) Delete temporary internet files,
4) Delete files from recycle bin,
5) Delete log files that maintain application state for future time being,
6) Delete downloaded program files,
7) Delete thumbnails,
8) Delete cached web page,
9) Deletion of remaining setup files

Disk Cleanup tool is the simplest and easiest way to delete system Temporary files without going to any command prompt command or some other third party tool. This is a perfect tool from which various unused files are removed at a click of button without moving here and there.

We will help you in steps, how to use Disk Cleanup Tool.

Step-1: Open My Computer.

For Window XP/Vista/7: 1. Go to start button -> click My Computer.
                                        2. Or Click on My Computer Desktop Icon (If icon is available on your Desktop screen then use this otherwise go with the first one).
For Window 8/8.1/10: Click on File Explorer -> Click Computer or This PC Icon.

Step-2: Right Click on C:\ Drive. Likewise, do same with other drives.
Figure 1

Step-3: Click on properties.

Step-4: Click on “Disk Cleanup” button.
Figure 2

Step-5: Wait for minutes until it is calculating space.
Figure 3

Step-6: You can see the List where Different Files to Delete are listed. Check the respective files only from the list which we are mentioning under below:
i) Downloaded Program Files
ii) Temporary Internet Files
iii) Offline Web pages
iv) Recycle Bin
v) Setup Log Files
vi) Temporary Files
vii) Thumbnails
Figure 4

Step-7: Click on “Clean on System Files” button.

Step-8: Wait. This may take some time to complete.
Figure 5

Step-9: Click on “OK” button.

Step-10: A popup will appear which is saying- “Are you sure you want to permanently delete these files”. Click “Delete Files” button.

Step-11: Disk cleanup tool is deleting all unnecessary files. This may also take some time.
Figure 6

Step-12: And you are done. All unnecessary files are deleted.

For any query, comment us below.

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Related Questions: -

Q-1 Disk Cleanup tool is Window Own Software?
A) True
B) False
Answer: Option(A)

Q-2 What is the use of Disk cleanup tool?
A) To format drives
B) To scan hard drive and heal from infected viruses
C) To Burn data disc
D) To play music
E) None of these
Answer: Option(E)
Explanation: Disk Cleanup tool is used to remove/delete temporary files from PC. Read the above article to know more about Disk Cleanup Utility tool. 

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Posted By - +Manish Kumar Gautam +LIVE VIAR +ASP.NET SOLUTIONS

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