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Thursday, 12 May 2016

How to delete Temporary files from windows?

In this blog, we would learn how to delete temporary files using command prompt. This post is continuing with the Temporary files post. If, you haven’t read the previous article I advise you to do so.

Follow these 6 easy steps which will help you to delete your system temporary files and make your system work faster and alter the unoccupied drive space to use.

Step -1: Open the Run Dialog Box.
Run Dialog Box

Step -2: Write the command in Run Dialog Box: %temp%
%temp% on Run Dialog Box

Step -3: Select All (Shortcut key: CTRL + A).
Temporary Files on Temp Folder

Step -4: Two ways to delete:
(i) Press SHIFT + Delete: To delete files permanently.
Way to delete Temporary Files permanently

(ii) Press Delete: This will delete your files from the Temp folder. But, files are not deleted permanently. Actually, they moved to folder name Recycle Bin. You can check your recycle bin. Deleted files are collected in that folder. Now, this is the last chance if you by mistake deleted some useful file. You can restore that particular file. And once you have restored your file, you can delete the rest files.

Step -5: Many a times you also notice; Windows will not allow some files to be deleted so better skip them. These are those files which are running currently.

Step -6: Remaining files deleted successfully. You are done.

You can also use the Window built-in tool like “Disk-Cleaner” and third-party Software like “CCleaner” to delete temporary files.

Learn to delete temporary files using the Window built-in tool “Disk-Cleaner”.

For any query, comment us below.

Next – Is it safe to delete files from system Temporary folder?

Related Questions: -

Q-1 Which of the following commands delete the files from the /tmp directory, issued by non-root user?
A) su -c “rm -rf /tmp/*”
B) rmdir -rf /tmp/*
C) rm -rf /tmp/* -su
D) su “rm -rf /tmp/*”
Answer- Option(A)

Q-2 In which version of Windows the following Run command work?
Command is: temp
A) Window XP
B) Window 8.1
C) Window 10
D) Window 8
Answer- Option(A) 

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