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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Is it safe to delete files from system Temporary folder?

This is the last blog from the blog series of Temporary files.

In this blog, we will discuss- Deleting Temporary files harm our Machine or system performance or Application or software?
Temporary Files Folder

Some application/program creates temporary files while running to maintain its log details. Each program deletes all its temporary files automatically when it closes, but due to various reasons like program crashes, system halt accidentally due to power failure, program/application not responding, and more. That’s why it’s always a good practice to manually delete out such files time to time.

But, before discussing that - I guaranteed say that the following questions come to every mind. When they are deleting there System Temporary files. And everyone feels the same confusion.

Confusion 1: Should I press the Delete button or not?

Confusion 2: Should I ask some computer expert before deleting such files?

Confusion 3: Should I leave it; temporary files are not harming my system?

Confusion 4: What should I do now?
Temporary Files on Temp Folder

I would say it yes; it doesn’t hurt to do it. It’s always safe to delete contents of the temp folder because if you try to open those files you will find .TMP extension files, log files and various files whose deletion won’t harm any program execution. Actually, temporary files are created just to maintain program status and state for the next time if the application doesn’t remember its state. And you also find files that aren’t open are used by an application, and since window won’t let you delete those open file. It will only be deleted either automatically when the application using them closes, or you’ll get them the next time you delete manually.

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Related Questions: -

Q-1 Where temporary files get stored?
Answer- Temporary files get stored in Computer C:\ drive. But, where exactly it resides in? There are 2 Temp folders present in Windows OS:
1) Temp folder present in Windows (C:\Windows\Temp)
2) Temp folder present in Local Settings folder for each logged-in user (C:\Users\Your PC Name\AppData\Local\Temp)

Q-2 /temp is a type of file system directory.
A) True
B) False
Answer- Option(B) 

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