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Monday, 23 May 2016

My First HTML Web Page

In our previous blog, we have given some basic introduction to HTML Language. Please read if you are new to Web Programming.

Before going through the blog, you need to have a text editor/notepad and a web browser.
To open a notepad. Read Blog How to open notepad?

In this blog, we are going to create our first HTML Web page. For this, we need to understand the very first 4 basic HTML tags. And those four basic tags are:
1) html: <html>…</html> is the container tag. It describes an HTML document.
2) head: <head>...</head> tag describes the page heading section. It is invisible on the webpage.
3) title: <title>…</title> tag is used to put the title of the web page in the browser. This is the only tag which is visible in the head section/tag.
4) body: <body>…</body> tag is a container for visible content on the browser.

Point to remember

1) Html is all about tags.
2) Every tag must be enclosed with opening and closing angular brackets (For e.g. < >).
3) In Html, every tag that starts should necessarily be ended with the same name plus with a backward slash character (for e.g.  <abc>……</abc>)
4) Html web pages are written over text document or Notepad.
5) Save as the file by giving the filename with .html or .htm extension.
6) Open with the file in any browser (for e.g. Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome)

You can develop your first HTML Web page by watching the below given .GIF Image.
Creating LIVE HTML Web page

OR to create your first Web Page, follow these steps: -

Step-1) Start typing your HTML code on the notepad or text editor.

Practical Implementation:

          My First Web Page
     This is my First Html Web Page. I am hosting this Page in my default Web browser Google Chrome.

Step-2) Follow Point no. 5 from above explained - point to remember section.

Step-3) Follow Point no. 6 from point to remember.

Output: The output is shown in below figure.
Hosted Web page on Browser

For any query, comment us below.

Previous - What is HTML?


Related Questions: -

Q-1 Which of them are text editor?
A) Notepad++
B) Sublime Text
C) Vim
D) Emacs
E) Neither C nor D
F) All (A), (B), (C), (D)   
Ans- Option (F).

Q-2 How to comment HTML code?
A) <% … %>
B) <%-- … --%>
C) <!-- … -->
D) /* … */
Ans- Option(C).

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