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Monday, 11 July 2016

Top Mutual Funds Comparison

Today in Engineer's World, we are discussing a topic of Finance in very easy way. Posted By - +Nitin Gautam  +LIVE VIAR +ASP.NET SOLUTIONS 

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Top Mutual Funds Comparison

We daily update returns of the best mutual fund in industry. Today we discuss balanced mutual fund and ELSS mutual fund. Mutual funds are among the hottest favourites with all investor. Today Investing in the mutual fund is highly recommended by direct companies or brokers. As said, "Start Investing early for better wealth creation."

Top Hybrid Balanced Mutual Fund (As on 11th July 2016)

A. Franklin India Balanced(G)
1 Year return- 6.98%, 3 Year return- 16.9%, 5 Year return- 14.4%.

B. L &T India prudence fund(G)
1 Year return- 6.7%, 3 Year return- 22.5%, 5 Year return-   15.2%,

C. Tata balanced fund(G)
1 Year return- 4.07%, 3 Year return- 21.09%, 5 Year return- 15.8%. 

D. Escorts Balanced fund(G):  
1 Year return- 10.2%, 3 Year return- 24.4%, 5 Year return- 11.5%.

Top ELSS Mutual Fund (As on 11th July 2016)

1. Axis long term Equity(G): 
 1 Year return- 2.4%, 3 Year return- 27.4%, 5 Year return- 19.5%.

2. Franklin India tax Shield(G): 
1 Year return- 5.0% Year return- 24.4%, 5 Year return- 16.1%.

3. Birla SL Tax Plan(G): 
1 Year return- 5.3%, 3 Year return- 25.2%, 5 Year return-   15.6%,

4. BNP Paribas long term Equity Fund(G): 
1 Year return- -1.3%, 3 Year return- 23%, 5 Year return- 16%. 

5. HDFC Tax Saver Fund(G): 
 1 Year return- -0.3%, 3 Year return- 20.4%, 5 Year return- 10.4%.

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  2. Thank you Nithu Roy. Keep sharing with others and for any information regarding financial instrument mail us @ info@liveviar.com

  3. Great description of elss mutual fund.please tell about upcoming info.


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