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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Class 7th Science - Nutrition in animals. Chapter-2 (SA & FA)

Science Assignment (Based on FA & SA) - VII CLASS
Class 7th Science Assignment FA & SA

Ques-1. Name four type of teeth? Also, write the number of teeth in each type?
Ans. Four type of teeth are: -
1. Incisor- There are 8 Incisor
2. Canine- There are 4 Canine
3. Premolar- There are 8 Premolar
4. Molar- There are 12 Molar
Total number of teeth are 32 (i.e., 8 + 4 + 8 + 12 = 32).

Ques-2. Right function of following: -
A) Large Intestine
B) Liver 
C) Small Intestine
Ans. The following organ performs function like-
A) Large Intestine - It absorbs water and some salt from undigested food.
B) Liver - It secretes bile juices which help in digestion of fat, carbohydrate and protein.
C) Small Intestine - The process of digestion complete here, the villi present in small intestine increase the area for absorption of digested food.

Ques-3. What type of food or nutrient is digested by bile juices?
Ans. Carbohydrate, fat and protein are digested by bile juices and change into a simpler form.

Ques-4. Name the carbohydrate which is digested by only Ruminants?
Ans. Cellulose.

Ques-5. What is curd?
Ans. Ruminants swallow the grass and store it in a part of stomach cold rumen and food get partially digested cold curd.

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Ques-6. Which is the largest gland in our body?
Ans. Liver. 

Ques-7. Name the organ where protein digestion starts?
Ans. Stomach.

Ques-8. Why do organisms need to take food?
Ans. Organisms need to take food because of the following three reasons:
1. Energy 
2. Growth 
3. Repair Breakage 

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