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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Class 7th Science - Nutrition in animals. Chapter-2 (SA & FA)

Science Assignment (Based on FA & SA) - VII CLASS

Class 7th Science Assignment FA & SA
Ques-9. Where is digestion of fat completed?
Ans. Small Intestine 

Ques-10. What is the mode of feeding in following animals?
A) Housefly
B) Mosquito
C) Cockroach
Ans. The mode of feeding for the given animals are:
A) Housefly - sucking
B) Mosquito - sucking 
C) Cockroach - chewing 

Ques-11. Which acid is present in human stomach? What is its function?
Ans. Hydrochloric acid in present in the human stomach. It kills any bacteria that enter with food and it also helps the digestive juices to act.

Ques-12. What are villi? Where there are found? Write their functions also.
Ans. The inner growth of small intestine has thousands of finger-like outgrowth that are called villi. They are found in the small intestine; they help to increase the surface area for absorption of digested food. Surface villi absorb digested food material.

Ques-13. What are pseudopodia?
Ans. Amoeba constantly changes its shape and position; it pushes out one or more finger-like projections that are called pseudopodia.

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Ques-14. During vomiting how the food moves in the opposite direction?
Ans. When stomach does not accept the food it gets vomited out.

Ques-15. What is the process of ingestion?
Ans. The process of taking food into the body is called ingestion, it’s the first step is to get nutrition in humans.

Ques-16. What is the effect of saliva on starch?
Ans. Saliva breakdown the starch into sugar.

Ques-17. What is ORS?
Ans. ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) is made by boiled and cooled water with a pinch of salt and sugar dissolved in it. This solution is given to the patient in diarrhea. 

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