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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Class 7th Science - Soil Science. Chapter-9 (SA & FA)

Science Assignment (Based on FA & SA) VII CLASS – Science Lesson-9 (Soil Science)
Class 7th Science Assignment FA & SA

Ques-9 Name some living organisms present in the soil? 
Ans. Worms, rodents, moles and beetles.

Ques-10 Which horizon of soil is difficult to dig with spade? 
Ans. The third C-horizon is made up of small rocks with cracks and crevices, below the layer is bad rock.

Ques-11 Write the formula of percolation rate? 
Ans. The formula of percolation rate is amount of water (ml)/Percolation time (min)

Ques-12 Which type of soil has highest percolation rate?
Ans. Sandy soil has soil has highest percolation rate.

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Ques-13 What is soil erosion?
Ans. Removal of soil from land surface by water, wind or ice is known as soil erosion.

Ques-14 How soil is an inseparable part of our life? 
Ans. Soil is an inseparable part of our life because plants grow on soil and we all depend in plants for our food.

Ques-15 What kind of soil is used to make matkas, surahi etc.? 
Ans. Black soil is used to make matkas, surahi etc.

Ques-16 Why clayey soil feels smooth in touch? 
Ans. Particles of clayey soil are very fine and well aerated. They are very light. So, it feels smooth in touch.

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