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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Class 7th Science - Soil Science. Chapter-9 (SA & FA)

Science Assignment (Based on FA & SA) VII CLASS – Science Lesson-9 (Soil Science)

Class 7th Science Assignment FA & SA

Ques-1 Write the two components of soil? 
Ans. The two components of soil are humus and rock particles.

Ques-2 What is humus? 
Ans. The rotting dead matter in the soil is called humus.

Ques-3 What is the soil profile? 
Ans. A vertical section through different layers of soil is called soil profile.

Ques-4 Why is loam considered to be the best topsoil for growing plants?
Ans. Loamy soil has humus in it that is why loam considered to be the best topsoil for growing plants. For the growth of plants, it has water holding capacity.

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Ques-5 How can we prevent soil erosion?
Ans. We can prevent soil erosion by planting more trees, deforestation should be prevented.

Ques-6 Why do we find a good amount of humus in topsoil than subsoil? 
Ans. We find a good amount of humus in topsoil than subsoil because topsoil is soft, porous and retain more water then subsoil. So, many living organisms live in it. Small plants are embedded and entirely in the topsoil.

Ques-7 Why is sandy well aerated? 
Ans. Particles of sandy soil are big, they cannot fit closely together, there are large space between them. So these spaces filled with air.

Ques-8 What are the characteristics of A- horizon? 
Ans. A-horizon or topsoil is generally soft, porous and retain more water. It provides shelter to many organisms. It is rich in humus. 


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