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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Top 10 Interview Tips and Questions

5. Why should I hire you? 

To answer this tricky question what you have to do is- Marketing your skills.

o   Share your knowledge means you have to tell them whatever knowledge you have whatever talent you have with you, 
o   Work experience means whatever experience you get from the past company, 
o   Skills related to job means whatever skills you are having and related to the job profile you applied for,
o   Career goal means everyone works for some goal share them related to profile.

For example-

Fresher- Sir, as I am fresher, I have theoretical knowledge, but I can do hard work for your organization.  And I’ll put all my efforts for the real progress of the team. Being punctual and sincere, I can finish the work given to me on time and try my best to fulfill all the needs of the company from me.

Experience- Concerning my job experience, I satisfy all the requirement for this job. I am sincere with my work and never let you down in any way. I promise you will never regret for this decision to appoint me in your organization. 

6. Why are you looking for a job change? 

o   Thanks to previous organization, 
o   Explain what you learn from past job experience, 
o   Share your reason for job change, 
o   Relate to career goals. 

For example - I am thankful to my previous organization because I have learned a lot of things from there. According to me, changes are necessary for everyone to enhance your skills, knowledge and for personal growth and financial growth. Your organization is the good platform where I can learn more.

7. What are your salary requirements?

o   Never share your salary requirement as a fresher means if you are a fresher then never tell about your expectations as you have no market value, 
o   Experience candidate can share their expected salary, 
o   Always say as per the company norms for the job because every company has different salary structure.

For example-

Fresher- I am a fresher. Salary is not the priority for me. This is a big platform to start my career, and I also want to improve my knowledge and skill and gain experience.  So, I expect a considerable of salary according to my ability and your company's norms which will fulfill my economic needs.

Experience- I have three years of experience in HR field. My current CTC is 6 LPA (Lakh per annum). Salary has never been a big issue for me. Still, I am expecting a salary as per company norms as per my designation and my qualification and experience which can help me to maintain the standard of level of my personal and economical needs.

8. Tell me what you know about this company?

o   Study about the Company's details means what the company does? In which they deal? 
o   Do the background work about New project?
o   Know the name of the Owners and Partners,  
o   Research about the company current issues
o   Update your knowledge about their Competitors.

For example- It is one of the best fastest growing Company in India. The work environment of the company is magnificent. People feel proud to be part of the business as the company provides full support to their employees in professional front it has many branches across the world, so I have a good opportunity to show my talent.

9. What are your career goals?

o   Short term goal, 
o   Long term goal.

For example- my short term goal is to get a job in a reputed company where I can utilize my skills and improve my career path. My long term goal is to be in a respectable position in that organization or some higher level in this organization. 

10. Finally, do you have any questions to ask me?

o   Always express thanks, that you have given me the opportunity to ask a question.
o   Salary structure for the job.
o   Job timings.
o   Job location.
o   Overtime allowance.
o   Training period.
o   Transport facilities provided by the company.

For example- Thank you for giving this opportunity.  Sir, I would like to ask about the job timings and transport facility and what will be the job location and salary scale for this job in your organization? 

For any query, comment us below.

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All the Best. Keep Sharing and help others.

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