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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Best Smartphone Awards

Hi friends!!
Today I am going to review some of the best smartphones around town. Lots of gadget updates happened in the previous year for the better and the worst and various smartphones and other gadgets were launched. This article is the one stop shop for picking up one of the best smartphone according to your taste and style. So, look no further as I am here to save you from some trouble. Read ahead and find the best one suited for you.

Among all the releases witnessed in 2016, I have categorized the products according to their features and performance and allotted the ranks respectively.

1) Best Big Smart Phone: -

We know smartphones are getting larger every year. The average phone size which was probably 3.5-inch display a couple of years before has now gone to 4.5 inch or even higher.

A. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

B. LG V 20

C. Samsung Galaxy Note 7

2) Best Compact Small phone: -

As the trend continues, smartphones getting larger, finding a high-end flagship small phone has become harder. But still, they exist.

A. iPhone 7

B. Google Pixel

3) Best Camera: -

It’s my personal favourite category underlining the fact that smartphones undeniably offer good camera quality.

A. Google Pixel/ Pixel XL

B. iPhone 7 plus

C. Samsung Galaxy S7

4) Best Budget Smartphone: -

In this category I included the smartphones which offer features similar to the high-end smartphones.

A. One Plus 3T


5) Best Battery life: -

This category is for those who are heavy smartphone users.

A. Moto Z Play

B. Google Pixel XL

C. iPhone 7 Plus

6) Best Build Phone: -

A. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

B. iPhone 7

C. HTC 10

7) Most Valuable Smartphone: -

A. Google Pixel XL

B. iPhone 7 Plus

8) Burst phone of the year: -

We all know this phone, due to some Faulty Battery issue this phone disappoint users.

A. Galaxy Note 7

This is all about Smartphone Awards. I would be glad if you share your Smartphone Category Below. 😎

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  1. Great one...But burst category is awesome one... Samsung has to take about there phones.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. My mobile phone lies in best budget category one plus 3.


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