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Monday, 16 January 2017

How to earn from affiliate marketing? Tips and tricks

Have you ever thought you can make money by referring people to flip kart and amazon? In this article, I am gong to tell you How to make/earn money using affiliate marketing/programs and become rich. I don't know whether you notice this but If you take a look on all e- commerce website like the flip kart, amazon, eBay etc you will find a link called "Become affiliate" or "Make money with us".

This is the best method to earn money online without investment. Before we see how we can make money using these program. 



Let's first understand


Concept of affiliate marketing

The concept of affiliate market is very simple and easy. Let's take an example:

You become an affiliate for website name amazon and you bring a person or customer to their website, now that person makes a purchase. You get a commission on the amount of purchase. This is "How affiliate marketing works"

Next question that comes in your mind.



How to bring a person to amazon website

When you Sign up as an affiliate of amazon. you will get an affiliate link. you need to promote this link. so that you get paid when people buy from it. There are many ways to share this link but the best way is by creating a website or blog.


This is how it works

A person visits your website, once he clicks on the affiliate link, he redirects to amazon when he buy his product you get the commission. The best part of this is if he buys any another product you can still get the commission. He/she has to make the purchase within the 24hr from that specific link.




Let's get started to earn $50- $100 daily with affiliate marketing.

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