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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Think that makes you rich and richer

 Napolean said: “You can think and grow rich, but if you can be brought up like most people with work and you won't starve, this will make you uncomfortable”. You might think that just stupid thing, it can be that easy and even though the only way you will ever be rich is by thinking is the hardest work there is.

Everything I do can be outsourced by paying a dollar to a guy across the world to write my article and to make animated videos. I can pay a few dollars to SEO my content, even I can outsource few more things like scripting and content writing. The only thing I cannot outsource is my thoughts. I cannot be outsourced my mindset for what needs to be animated and what needs to be said. Again, if I were to outsource the animation it will value a single dollar, a voice over can be valued a few dollars, but the value my mind thought generate is priceless imagination.

There are millions of people around the world who works 8 hours a day horrible jobs and make equal money that I am making with my blogs and youtube channels. For that, I have to do nothing except thinking. I created the website and youtube channel a couple of years ago that’s made money by its own and all because I was going to think. There is no way you can read and get paid for it. If you look for a job that will pay you for reading your favorite books I bet you probably won't find the best one.

Again the only advantage I have over the guys willing to SEO my content or animate my video for a dollar is my thought. It's kind of crazy when you think differently. If he knew what to animate instead how to animate, he will be making dollars for himself instead of making for someone else. However, thinking has no values to most people, in fact, it's associated with laziness. When I graduated, every time I talk to my friends, they would ask me - Have you started looking for a good job? I would say no I am actually thinking about what I am going to do.

Henry ford said "Thinking is the most difficult work there is, which is probably the reason, why so few engage in it.

Let me give you a little challenge. Next time when you have a day off from 9 am to 5 pm work, spent the 8 hours thinking in your room. No phone, No Facebook, No Whatsapp, No social media just in your room sit quietly and think. I am sure in about 5 minutes most people will start wishing them back in their 9 to 5 job.

At the end, I only want to say that – “Start thinking and change the world!!!”

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  1. Yup thinking is the most hardest work

  2. Yes I agree ...Without thinking nothing can be done

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Think that makes you rich and richer

 Napolean said: “You can think and grow rich, but if you can be brought up like most people with work and you won't starve, this wil...