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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

How to make money online without investment

Everyone needs money. Money is the basic necessity in every phase of life. In this article, we’ll discuss the five websites by which you can earn money online.


SliceThePie is the website you can use to rate and review music and at the same time earn money. By simply listening to the songs and giving a rating from 1 to 10 rating along with a few words explaining what you like or what you didn't like about that song. The amount of money for each song you rate varies. Sometimes you can get 18 cents and sometimes around 6 cents. So if you are a music lover then try this website for listening music and to earn money.


Fiverr is the huge marketplace where people post services which they willing to provide for $5 dollars. Fiverr has actually provided potential that you can earn a lot of money. Many people do actually make their living from this website and if you are wondering what kind of services to offer, then take look at people what they are offering and according to that find the sector in which you are highly skilled. Fiverr pays you through PayPal.


If you are very active on social media like facebook or twitter, then you can earn money by sharing links to Mylikes. You can signup with Mylikes even when you are 13 years old. They pay through paypal with the threshold amount of $1.


Qmee is the awesome website for kids who want to earn while browsing. You can installed the extension on any browser. Once install, sometimes Qmee shows sponsored advertisement on the website you are searching. Each advertisement pays you a certain amount, usually few cents or more. If you visited any of the advertisement you see the pop-up open and you will get that cash into your account automatically. They will payout instant to PayPal no matter how much is in your account.


MySurvey is the website that pays you for online survey. If you like to do anything at the spare time, then this is the website. For each survey you complete you get some points and you can redeem these points through PayPal cash and gift cards.

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