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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Are you emotional and being taunted for it?

Don’t worry; we have some reasons as of why you will lead a better life.

We human beings have brain and heart for our proper functioning in our lives. Brain and heart are two like the opposite sides of a coin. A person lays more importance to one of them to make their decisions; if mind takes the upper hand, the person is known as a rational person and on the other hand, a person with the heart on the upper hand is known as an emotional person.

1. Growth is constant and Hence Deep Thinkers: Emotional people are thinking with their hearts but also with their brain, they analyze stuff with many aspects including that of emotions. Taking them deep thinkers, they are also problem solver with the time spend on a particular project thus their growth is constant.

2. Self-aware and build a strong relationship: Many emotional people think a lot about themselves as not self-involved but to be self-aware as a human being and how they can better themselves in every aspect. This being said, they tend to develop a certain relationship with themselves and understanding relationships, thus building strong relationships with others also.

Keep learning and sharing...

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