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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Dream of a Girl “To eat without getting FAT”

There are many dreams of a girl but the most favorite of all is To eat without getting Fat, so to help all you ladies out there we are giving you two quick tips to lose weight and eat side by side.

1. Take those Sugars a Notch Down: We all know ladies, who don't love a big bar of their favorite chocolate after a hectic day but we all can substitute our minds for a while. Though chocolates are great after a serious workout but sugar intake on a high and regular manner will cause to gain some weight. So I suggest you to take the quantity a bit down or just replace it with some nuts or lemon water with honey.

2. Make that metabolism work: Metabolism is the second major link after eating properly to keep a check and help you maintain/reduce weight. Lifting some weights in the gym, doing some cardio, dancing or simply walking will help your metabolism work faster and thus gives better digestion. Making you lose weight and helping you burn some calories with some protein (fruits, vegetable and pulses) intake to give a positive change to your body.

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