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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Feeling Down? Thinking of therapy? Are you depressed or just lonely?

We all tend to think that we are getting depressed the moment we start to feel sad. Depression, it has become a word so often being used that our young generation, small kids are starting to feel depressed if their friend can’t come to play or they are not able to go somewhere for their vacation.

There are ways to differentiate and help you to stop yourself from being sad to going into depression.

1. Talk to someone you trust.

2. Have a good time, enjoy the present moment.

3. Have some workout regime like yoga, gym, dance, walks, music etc.

4. Write if nobody is there to listen.

5. Give your best appreciations to yourself.

Force yourself to start your day with a motivation music/speech or meditation.

Keep sharing and learning...

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