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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Going through the relationship with a phase of fights? Need Solution

Are the fights still continuing over a year?

Do you love the person but fight every time you try to talk?

With getting in touch with anyone on this planet getting easier day by day; working hard to keep that special is getting harder day by day. You must be wondering throughout your day that I love this person and everything but the moment you two get together you feel that you stopped connecting. Let us discuss, two of the main reasons of feeling out of love, when with them:

1. Reality v/s illustration: People always have a tendency to image things rather than acting on the present situation. It happens same when people start to imagine their relationship, be it being influenced by movies, other couples, news or any imagination in your head. Stop for a second and let the person give you something rather than imagining and to give a break, many people need to stop giving scenarios to their better half just to test them and their love after years into
the relationship.

2. Trust: There is a difference between people being possessive and having trust issues. Possessive is being adorable that you are a little jealous of someone eyeing your loved one. And being jealous, not trusting because you have a weird feeling because they make new friends and the new friend tends to become more interactive in nature.

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