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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Best Ways to Relieve Period Cramps | Menstrual Pain

Managing Pain: Period. Have you started to live comfortable in that bubble for 5 days of the month?
Are you feeling blue and want to stay hidden those few days?
Do you have constant pain where you want to cry or hit someone?

Let us help you with some tips to tackle the pain

1. Massage your tummy and mostly your back to help the flow of muscles and blood is in a smooth
way, clearing all the obstruction.

2. Have ajwain with warm water to ease the pain.

3. Drink ample amount of water for bloating and easement of the flow through your body.

4. Though many people ask to have hot things while on periods, avoid coffee as it adds to the
cramp pain.

5. Try covering up your feet and legs, it keeps your body a bit hot.

6. Keeping your body temperature a bit hot, you can use hot water bottle with putting it on your
tummy, back.

7. Do a bit of stretching or some yoga for not putting your body in stiffness.

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