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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Creating table in SQL Server

In this article, we have prepared queries to design database and table.

We have designed this table as per our need to create SSRS report.

--Creating database
create database MySchoolDB

--Using database
use MySchoolDB

--Creating table
create table tblTeacher
TeacherCode int identity(1,1) primary key,
TeacherName varchar(50),
Address varchar(50),
City varchar(50),
State varchar(50),
Pincode varchar(6),
Designation varchar(50),
DOB varchar(10),
AdditionalInformation varchar(300),
Salary money,
CurrDate varchar(10),
Remarks varchar(100)

--Inserting records in table
insert into tblTeacher(TeacherName,Address,City,State,Pincode,Designation,
values('Vijay Singh','Sector-100, H.No-1000, ABC Society, XYZ Nagar','Nirman Vihar',
'Delhi','100000','Head PE Coach','21-09-1979',
'Vijay Singh holds a BPE in Physical Education from Delhi University. He was assigned this job in 2003 as Assistant PE Coach.',
70000.00,'21-09-2017','This is system generated report.')

--Retrieving records from table
select * from tblTeacher

Use above records in our following SSRS Reporting article series.

For any query, comment us below.

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