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Friday, 15 September 2017

Gifts Section: Period edition | Gifts For Women on Their Period

Are you a guy with less than a dime’s clue as why is it good to gift something to your girlfriend, wife or your mother when they are on their period.

Have you been in the problem for a small mistake during her period? Is she calling and not talking to because of the smallest mistake you did while she is on her period.

Fear not mate, let us help you in this section of “Gift section”

1.Chocolates: Every girl on their periods love some sugar and gifting her the favorite chocolate with some added donuts and a hot coffee will brighten up her mood and will win u a cute smile and some more level of trust. Sugar also boosts mood in general, just like a run; it boosts the level of happy hormones in the body.

2.Perfume: Buy her the special fragrance which just hit the market, because who doesn’t love a perfect fragrance around themselves. The power of smell is high psychological wise due to the fear of smelling bad during the period.

3.Punch Bag: Girls scream in pain, an upheaval of emotions and always have the urge to hit something or someone, trust us, if given a chance every girl will punch because of the pain. Be a bit innovative and set up a punching place dedicated her during her period to ease her pain, emotions and putting her at peace.

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