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Saturday, 23 September 2017

How to create the SSRS Report using SQL Server and Report Builder?

In this article, we will learn how to create a SSRS Report step by step. But first we need to see what are the software requirements: -

(1) First, we need to have a MS SQL Server. Download SQL Server.
(2) Second, we need Report Builder. Download Report Builder directly from here.


For this article, I am using the tblTeacher table of MySchoolDB database. Click to read more about How to create the table in SQL Server.

Report Builder

For this article, I am creating Teacher Report using the above the tblTeacher table. I already wrote down all the SQL queries please do copy the queries to proceed.

We will proceed step by step to understand better.

Step-1: Open the Report Builder with Administrator permission.
SSRS Creation Image 1

Step-2: Create a new blank report. Once you click blank report, a new report window open.
SSRS Creation Image 2

As you can see the below image I have marked important four points.
SSRS Creation Image 3

(1) Click on the Insert menu to get the options how you can design your report. For this you can use Data regions(Table, Matrix, List), Data Visualization(Chart, Guage, Maps, Data Bar), Report Items(Line, TextBox, Image, Rectangle), Sub-reports(means report in a report) and suitable Header and footer.
(2) This shows the report design window. I am using Line, Textbox, and Image to create my first report. What you have to do is double-click this item and the item will add-up to your design window.Once added arrange these items as per your report design.
(3) In this region, you will add the data source, dataset, image, and parameter.
(4) And last is the Run button to preview your report.

Step-3: Add the data source see image below. For that R.Click Data source -> Add Data source -> Change the data source name -> Select Use a connection embedded in my report. -> Select Connection type as “SQL Server” -> Click Build button -> Add up the credential -> Select database name as “MySchoolDB” -> Click Ok -> Test Connection it must give “Connection created successfully”. If it failed then maybe your credentials are not correct or check whether the database service is running or not. Not sure how to check database service is running or not. -> Click Ok. Your data source is created.
SSRS Creation Image 4

Step-4: Add dataset see image below. For that R.Click Datasets -> Add Dataset -> Change the Dataset name -> Select Use dataset embedded in my report. -> Select DataSource1 -> Click Quick Designer button -> Click “Edit as Text” on top left corner -> Write your sql query ” select * from tblTeacher where teacherCode=1” and click Ok button -> Click Ok. Your dataset is created.
SSRS Creation Image 5

Step-5: Now, prepare a design for the report. Once completed your report will look like this.
SSRS Creation Image 6

Step-6: Once completed. Click the Run button to preview your report.

Step-7: You can download the report in available format.
SSRS Creation Image 7

Hope you find the article interesting.

For any query, comment us below.

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