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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

How to grant full permissions to user in SQL Server

In this article, we will learn how to grant permissions in SQL Server step by step.

Step-1: Open SQL Server with Administrator Permissions.

Step-2: Connect to the server either by any of the Authentication modes: - Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.
Grant permission in SQL Server

Step-3: Once connected to the server. Expand ‘Security’ Tab. Expand ‘Login’ Tab. Select the Connection name for which you want to grant permission -> R.Click and select properties.

Step-4: Click Server Roles. Initially, you may notice that only ‘public’ checkbox is checked. But to access the reports you need to check all checkboxes. Means all permission need to be granted. Click OK.

Step-5: Restart the System.

There you go, you have granted full permission to selected user in SQL Server.

But, if you are trying to access RSCM. Then read the next two steps: -

Step-6: Once the system is started. Start the Reporting Services Configuration Manager (RSCM). And select the ‘Report Manager URL’ tab and click the URL to open the SQL Server Reporting Service in Internet Explorer.

Step-7: Hopefully, Reporting Server open this time.

Hope you find the article interesting.

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