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Monday, 4 September 2017

Love to see your skin glow with radiance? I Love when people compliment you?

Love when you can’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror?

We want you to glow more than ever this summer. And we are here to make this possible through some healthy and tasty diet changes.

1. Berries: Strawberry, blackberry, blueberries are all beneficial for your health and skin with an additional low sugar count. They are high in vitamin C, helping you glow and maintain the elasticity of your skin. U can find frozen berries in India and can make some yummy and healthy smoothie for your appetite cravings.

2. Avocados: They are rich in vitamin E and acts as a fat soluble. If you cannot find avocado as a whole, u can have bottled juice instead.

3. Walnuts: Walnuts are high in Vitamin B and helps in anxiety, stress management, mood control and prevents skin disorder. It also contains elegiac acid which help the body in fighting against cancer.

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  1. what treatment is to be done for dark circles?


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