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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Electro Technical Officer(ETO) Exam Questions and Answers

Selective Questions and answers for Electro technical officer - ETO. Multiple choice Questions and answer for ETO COC (Certificate for Competency) exam.

1. The seven segment arrangement for a numerical display on consoles, test meters, and other applications can be either ______ ?

a. A BCD or an OCD
b. An LED or an LCD 
c. A UJT or a BJT
d. A JFET or an LCD

2. When checking a good SCR or TRIAC with an ohmmeter it will ____.

a. Display a low resistance with positive on the anode, -ve probe on the cathode and a high resistance when it is reversed
b. Display a low resistance in both directions
c. Display a high resistance in both directions
d.  Display a high resistance with -ve on the anode, +ve probe on the cathode and a low resistance when it is reversed

3. A microprocessor unit, a memory unit, and an input unit form a/ an _____?

a. Complier
b. ALU
c. CPU
d. Microcomputer

4. Which of these sets of logic gates are designated as universal gates?


5. When a step input is given to an op-amp integrator, the output will be ____?

a. A sinusoidal wave
b. A triangular wave with DC bias
c. A ramp
d. A rectangular wave 

6. When transistors are used in digital circuits they usually operate in the _____?

a. Breakdown Region
b. Linear region
c. Active region
d. Saturation and cut off regions

7. What minimum energy level will ignite gases falling in group II c?

a. 69 micro J
b. 400 micro J
c. 280  micro J
d. 29 micro J


1. An LED or an LCD
2. Display a high resistance in both directions
3. Microcomputer
5. A ramp
6. Saturation and cut off regions
7. 29 micro J

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  1. Good selection of electronics subject based questions this time. Appreciate the work . Waiting for more of such types of questions.


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