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Thursday, 12 April 2018

NEET Mock Test Series I Sample Papers for Practice

NEET mock test - Chapterwise tests


1. Positive and negative ions are produced at the origin. If they are subjected simultaneously to an electric field along the +y direction and magnetic field along the +z direction, then

a. +ve ions deflect towards +x direction and negative ions towards -x direction

b. +ve ions deflect towards -x direction and negative ions towards +x direction 

c. All ions deflect towards +x direction

d. All ions deflect towards -x direction

2. A non-conducting rod AB of length l has total charge Q. The rod is rotated about an axis passing through a point L/3 distance from one end and perpendicular to a plane of the rod with constant angular speed 'w', the magnetic moment of the rod is

a. (QL^2W)/12

b. (QL^2W)/18

c. (QL^2W)/6

d. (QL^2W)/9

3. A wire of length 1 m along x-axis carries a current 2A, is placed inside the field of B=(3.0j + 4.0k) Tesla, then force exerted on the wire is 

a. 6k + 8j

b. 6k - 8j

c. 8k - 6j

d. 8k + 6j

4. When a long rod of iron magnetized by means of an electric current, then its length increases. This phenomenon is

a. Magnetostriction

b. Retentivity

c. Coercivity

d. Hysteresis loss

5. The angle of dip at a place where horizontal and vertical components of earth magnetic field are same is

a. 90-degree

b. 45-degree

c. 0-degree

d. 30-degree

6. Gauss law of magnetism concludes, that

a. Magnetic field lines form closed loops

b. Magnetic monopole does not exist

c. A magnetic field is conservative

d. Both a and b

7. Two magnets of magnetic moments M and M√3 are joined to form a cross (+). The combination is suspended freely in a uniform magnetic field. At equilibrium position, the magnet of magnetic moment M makes an angle θ with the field, the θ  is  

a. 60-degree

b. 30 degree

c. 90 degree

d. 45 degree

8. A ship is ailing due west according to mariner's compass. If the declination of the place is 20 degree east, then the true direction of the ship is

a. 20 degrees west of north

b. 70 degrees west of north

c. 20 degrees north of east

d. 70 degrees north of east

9. The intensity of magnetization of a magnetic material is L. Now the material is the cut such that volume of the material is halved, then the new intensity of magnetization is

a. L

b. L/2

c. 2L

d. L/4

10. A galvanometer has range 0- v volt and it has resistance R. When the series of resistance R is commenced, the range becomes 0 - V'. Then

a. V' = 2v

b. V' = 3v

c. V' = 1.75v

d. V' = 1.5v


1. c

2. b

3. b

4. a

5. b

6. d

7. a

8. b

9. a

10. a


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