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Thursday, 12 April 2018

NEET Mock Test Series I Sample Papers for Practice

NEET mock test - Chapterwise tests


1. Number of isomeric products obtained when 2- chlorobutane is heated with alcoholic KOH is

a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four

2. Which of the following is/are true for photochemical smog?

a. Photochemical smog is reducing in nature whereas classical smog is oxidizing in nature
b. Classical smog contains sulphur dioxide
c. Photochemical smog contains peroxyacetyl nitrate
d. Both b and c

3. Which of the following can be formed usinfKolbe's electrolysis?

a. n-butane
b. Ethyne
c. Propane
d. All of the above

4. The most stable cycloalkane is

a. Cyclopropane
b. Cyclobutane
c. Cyclopentane
d. Cyclohexane

5. When the alcoholic solution of ethylene bromide is heated with granulated zinc, the product formed is

a. Ethane
b. Ethylene
c. Acetylene
d. Cyclobutane

6. Which is the most volatile of the given compounds?

a. n-butane
b. Isopentane
c. Iso-butane
d. Neo-pentane

7. Total number of monochloro derivatives obtained by monochlorination of 2-methyl pentane is

a. three
b. four
c. five
d. six

8. Which of the given compounds is most reactive towards the addition of HCL?

a. Propene
b. Propyne
c. But-1-yne
d. But-2-yne

9. The ease of nucleophilic substitution in alkyl halides follows the order

a. RF > RCI > RBr > RI
b. RF < RCI < RBr < RI
c. RF < RBr < RI < RCI
d. RF < RCI <RI <RBr

10. In Finkelstein's reaction, the nucleophile used is

a. I
b. Br
c. Cl
d. F


1. c
2. d
3. d
4. d
5. b
6. c
7. b
8. a
9. b
10. a



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