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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a mobile development platform by which you can make cross-platform apps. Actually, it is one of the best cross-platform development tools which help the developer to code in Visual Studio with C# language to create apps that can run on any mobile platform whether it is native Android, iOS or Window. That’s great. Without knowing the mobile platform language your app will be executing on different devices. This sound really exciting.

“Xamarin solves a lot of problems, save time and money. Not just from the developer end, but also from a client perspective.”

Didn’t get a clue what this statement means. Don’t worry, I will explain this - Just take a scenario, what if you are working on a project as Java Developer where client demands an Android app. You work day and night to deliver their app on time. And after the delivery, if the client asks you to make the same app for the iOS device. Just think how impossible task it may be for you to create an iOS app.

Let’s focus and understand below point very seriously.

Problem faced by Developer’s: -
1. Money - As per the scenario you are not from an iOS background. It is merely impossible to learn Swift or Objective C quickly.
2. Time - Same time is taken or may be more than your level expertise.
3. Problem - And it is very much clear that this app can’t be exactly same. It may have different functional and visual appearance.

Problem faced by Clients: -
1. Money - Designing the same and exact app may cost you double or more than double.
2. Problem - Hiring different team for handling native Android and iOS app. Extra manpower problem.
3. Time - Time wastage in development and app upgrade.

Hope you find the article interesting.

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  1. Nice work. Upload more stuff on Xamarin


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