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Friday, 25 May 2018

How to view the sql for views in sql server - Solved

Hi developers, you can script views in two ways. I am sharing the query as well as graphical approach, for future reference.

I. By using programmatical(inbuilt stored procedure) approach:

On the standard bar. Open a New Query Window. Write the following query and Click on Execute button.


sp_helptext [ViewName]


sp_helptext [v_Employee]

Copy and paste the Result to the Query window.

CREATE VIEW v_Employee
AS select *
from [dbo].[Employee]

The highlighted query is the actual query in the view.

II. By graphical approach

Follow the below steps: -

1. In Object Explorer, expand the Views Folder for which you want to view the script.
2. R.Click the View and select Script View as -> Select Create To/Alter To -> New Query Editor Window.

Hope you find the article helpful & interesting.

For any query, comment us below.

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