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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions

Electronics and Communication Multiple Choice Questions

1. Zero of a network is the critical frequency at which network function becomes___
a. zero
b. unity
c. infinite
d. sinusoidal

2. Poles of E z(s) are:
a. always simple
b. always in multiple form
c. always imaginary
d. either simple or of higher multiplicity

3. An impedance function whose real part vanishes at some real frequency is called?
a. minimum impedance function
b. minimum reactance function
c. minimum susceptance function
d. minimum resistance function

4. A minimum reactance function is one which has?
a. no zero at origin
b. no poles at origin
c. no zero on imaginary axis
d. no poles on the imaginary axis

5. In an impedance function, a pole at infinity is realized by using?
a. a capacitance In series
b. an inductance in series
c. an inductance in parallel with the driving point terminal
d. none of these

6. The response of a network is decided by the location of?
a. it's zero
b. it's poles
c. both zero and poles
d. neither zeros nor poles

7. As the poles of network shift away from the axis, the response?
a. remains constant
b. becomes less oscillating
c. becomes more oscillating
d. none of these

8. Pole of a network is a critical frequency at which network function?
a. becomes zero
b. becomes unity
c. becomes infinite
d. becomes very large

9. An inductor has self-resistance of 5 ohm and inductive reactance of 250 ohms at the operating frequency. The quality factor of the inductor is?
a. 1250
b. 50
c. 250
d. 5

10. The Q factor of a series LCR circuit increases if?
a. R increases
b. R decreases
c. applied voltage increases
d.  current decreases


1. a
2. d
3. d
4. d
5. b
6. c
7. b
8. c
9. b

10. b

Share your comments and answers. #gate #psu

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