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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Why you feel tired all the time

Some people are so full of life and energy, but for some reason even when you seem to get more than enough sleep, you're still fighting off yawns and fatigue through the day. 

So, why are you always tired? 

If you know the number of the hour's sleep isn't a problem, the second most common cause of fatigue comes from lack of physical activity and poor diet. Study after study finds that adults who began light exercise a few times a week reported more energy after six weeks. 

People who exercise more regularly also report sleeping better. Even though studies show that they aren't sleeping any longer. But if that doesn't help, don't go straight to your cup of joy. While many studies show that coffee is good for health research show that your reliance on it can make you more sleepy. 

Caffeine blocks adenosine in your brain which normally accumulates through the day and makes you sleepy at night but consuming coffee or energy drinks at night less than 6 hours before going to bed can ultimately affect your sleeping quality. As a people who don't use caffeine often report feeling less tired in the morning. 

These are the important factor which causes tiredness all the time.

1. Lack of Sleep
2. Poor Diet
3. Sedentary lifestyle
4. Excessive stress
5. Medical Condition

You might consider making sure you're fully hydrated with some water first too. One study found that a drop of 1.5% in our bodies normal water levels can cause difficulty concentrating. Ultimately alcohol reduces the amount of REM sleep you get and if you're binge drinking and sleeping in on the weekends be aware that a consistent sleep schedule is key.

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