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Friday, 1 June 2018

Electronic Analog Circuits Multiple Choice Questions

Electronics and Communication Multiple Choice Questions

1. An Op-Amp clamper?
a. removes part of the output voltage above a given level
b. converts the input voltage into square wave voltage at a given level
c. clamps the output voltage at a given level
d. removes part of output voltage below a given below

2. Positive half wave rectifier using Op-Amp is generally used to rectify signal of the order of?
a. Kilovolts
b. hundreds of volt
c. tens of volts
d. millivolts

3. An Op-Amp Schmitt trigger is basically?
a. An OP-amp comparator with negative feedback
b. An Op-Amp comparator with positive feedback
c. a triangle wave generator
d. a pulse generator

4. An Op-Amp comparator?
a. is always non-inverting type
b. is always inverting type
c. is always a combination of an inverting Op-Amp and a non-inverting Op-Amp
d. may be inverting type or non-inverting type

5. The best circuit used to eliminate power frequency (50 Hz) hum is?
a. a scratch filter
b. a speech filter
c. an octave filter
d. a rumble filter

6. An Op-Amp circuit capable of selecting sound from one out of two speaker or both is known as?
a. a crossover network
b. a tone control
c. a panning control
d. a octave equalizer

7. Which of the following Op-Amp system is non-linear?
a. voltage to current converter
b. voltage follower
c. active filter
d. sample and hold circuit

8. A cascade amplifier uses?
a. two stages of CE amplifier
b. direct coupled CE-CC circuit
c. direct coupled CE-CB circuit
d. direct coupled CC-CB circuit

9. Typical output offset voltage and input offset current of an Op-Amp is?
a. 1 mV, 10 mA
b. 1 mV, 10 nA
c. 10 mV, 10 nA
d. 10 mV, 10 mA

10. An Op-Amp has a gain of 50 and bandwidth of 100KHz. Its unit-gain frequency is?
a. 5 MHz
b. 100 KHz
c. 10 MHz
d.  2.5 MHz


1. c
2. d
3. b
4. b
5. d
6. c
7. d
8. c
9. c
10. a

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