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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Independence Day 2018: Here Are Things You Can Do

India will celebrate Its 72nd Independence Day on 15th August 2018. This was the day in 1947 when we got Independence from the Britsih rule. A peaceful life that we are living today is just because of the sacrifice of lots of Freedom Fighter. 

Here are Things you can do on this Independence Day

1. Watch an awesome movie: Plan for movies and spend some lovely moments with your loved ones.

2. Go for Brunch: You can plan out brunch with family or friends. The best thing is to plan with whom you are in not in touch.

3. Plan a Trip: You can explore nearby Awesome places. Even you can plan your day from 14th August night.

4. Watch TV: If you have nothing to do, then you can watch movies, web series or songs.

5. Fly Kites: Best thing to do on 15th August is to fly kites.

6. Cook for loved ones: Be at home and cook some delicious food for the family and enjoy Independence Day.

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