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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Electro Technical Officer(ETO) Exam Questions

Examination of Electrical Technical Officer
(Marine Electrotechnology and SSEP)

1. Explain three methods of overcurrent protection for electrical circuits. Explain with the aid of the diagram, the meaning of the term inverse current time characteristic?

2. State the application of the synchronous motors. Discuss how a synchronous motor can function as a synchronous capacitor. Compare synchronous motors with induction motors drives?

3. What is Zener diode and how does it regulate the voltage? What happens to the series current, load current, and Zener current, when the d.c. the input voltage of a Zener regulator increase? Draw a neat diagram of the Zener regulator and explain it? 

4. With Reference to 3-phase transformers

a. Discuss the essential and desirable conditions to be fulfilling for operating two three-phase transformers in parallel.

b. What are the advantages of transformers bank of three 1-phase transformers over a unit three-phase transformers of the same KVA rating?

5. Sketch and describe the main engine shaft driven generator arrangement with an electronic system for frequency correction.

6. With respect to alternator onboard:

a. Briefly explain true power, Apparent power, and power factor?

b. The alternator is rated for 750 KVA at 0.85 PF, what is the maximum load (KW) that can be put on it? Would you be overloading the alternator if the KW reading were now 620 KW and the PF 0.80?

7. Write a short note on “electric shock”?

8. How will you fight a fire in a purifier room? How will you at least restrict the fire if you are the first person to sight the fire in the purifier room?

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  1. I used to be able to find good advice from your content.

  2. Post answers as well

  3. Can you please give me the answer for 6.b ?


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