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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Top Mid Cap Mutual Funds

Today we compare “Thematic Infrastructure” Mutual Fund with their yearly returns. We daily update returns of the best mutual fund in industry. As we earlier discuss Small and mid-cap mutual fund and Pure Large Cap mutual fund. 

Mutual funds are among the best favorites with all investor. Today Investing in the mutual fund is highly recommended by direct companies or brokers. As said, "Start Investing early for better wealth creation."

Top Pure Mid Cap Mutual Fund (As on 13th Nov 2019)

A. Axis Midcap fund: 
5 Year return-13.68 %.

B. DSP Midcap Fund:
5 Year return-10.3 %.

C. Tata Midcap Fund: 
5 Year return-8.55 %.

D. Kotak Emerging Equity fund: 
5 Year return-9.99 %. 

E. Invesco India Midcap fund:
5 Year return- 9.73%.

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