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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

How to Live a beautiful life with challenges – Get Motivated

Life is a very beautiful thing. What makes life so unique and so beautiful? It is beautiful because whatever you have that you may be facing, what you may be dealing with. Life is still good.

Life has so many phases but life is always good. Every day is a new day and another opportunity that may not have. This life that you have been given, this life, that you are temporary holding on to, This life that has been given to you for only important reasons has more meaning than can you ever imagine. So many people In the world take life for granted instead of realizing that you have to take the opportunity to live it the best way you know-how.

Now on this journey of life, you’re going to face a significant amount of circumstances, a different amount of challenges in some you’re going to fall into areas that you cannot understand and may’ be it’s not in the position for you to understand but when that moment comes, when you understand to feel that you are in the position that you don’t love your life, then shame on you, because your life is a beautiful thing and no deserve to ruin it, no one deserves to control it and no one deserves to steal your joy.

Your life is your life and you have the right to live it in the best way you can. You can discipline yourself according to the situation and take full control and responsibility for the outcome of whatever it is that you are seeking at this moment. There are going to be so many different things that you embark on, that’s going to try to slow you down and that you must face but instead from running from problems, run towards problems. Try to understand that life has meaning, it has a reason and all of these things that you may be thinking that is so hard on you. Just remember sometimes you’re going to have to go through these changes, these circumstances that outs you in a position that makes you feel you’re not worthy anymore But make no mistakes, you are worthy, You are created for something, You didn't create for anything.

Life has a gift. A gift of giving and receiving, and whether it’s good or bad. You got to make sure you understand, these challenges have to happen in your life. You will come to a point that you feel focusing on the things that you have control of in life. Believe in Yourself and know that it is not over for you.

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Monday, 6 January 2020

High Voltage System - Reason for having High Voltage System On board ships

As we already know about the voltages used onboard a ship. It is usually a 3phase, 60Hz, 440 Volts supply being generated and distributed onboard ship.

  1. Higher power requirement on board ship is the foremost reason for the evolution of HV in ships.
  2. Higher power requirement has been necessitated by development of larger vessel required for containers transport particularly reefers containers and cruise vessels.
  3. Gas carriers needing extensive cargo cooling electric propulsion.
  4. For a ship with large electrical power demand, it is necessary to utilize the benefits of a high voltage installation.

The design benefits relate to the simple ohms laws relationship that current (for a given power) is reduced as the voltage is increased. Working at high voltage onboard ship significantly reduces the relative overall size and weight of electrical power equipment.

When Heavy loads are connected to the Low voltage system the magnitude of current flow becomes too large resulting in overheating due to high iron and copper losses.

P = V * I * COS(Φ)

Copper losses = I^2 * R (KW)

Already High Voltage levels of 3.3 KV, 6.6 KV and 11 KV are regularly employed ashore for regional power distribution and industrial motor drives.

For example, a motor (let us assume a bow thruster), maybe a smaller size if it designed to operate on 6600 Volts. For the same power, the motor would be of a smaller size if is designed for 6600 Volts when compared to 440 Volts.

Thus these are the major reasons why recent ships have shifted towards the high voltage systems. The main disadvantage Highlighted by the owner, when working in an HV installation, is the very necessary adherence to stringent safety procedures.


  1. For a given power, higher Voltage means Lower current, resulting in:
  2. Reduction in size of generators, motors, cables, etc.
  3. Saving of space and weight.
  4. Ease of Installation.
  5. Reduction in cost of Installation.
  6. Lower losses- more efficient utilization of generated power.
  7. Reduction in short circuit levels in the system which decides the design and application of the electrical equipment used in the power system.


  1. Higher Insulation Requirements for cables and equipment used in the system.
  2. Higher risk factor and the necessity for strictly adherence to stringent safety procedures.

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