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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

5 steps recipe for Self-Love

Self-love is as important as oxygen in our life which is somewhat similar to the old saying “If we can't love ourselves then we can't love others”. To live a healthy life, self- love is important. There's also a saying, "God helps those who help themselves". So, what I am trying to convey from the above inference is - if you will love yourself, then only you'll be able to pass it on to your parents, sister, brother, friend, and every other human in this world.

We get involved in our daily life so much that we forget to take care of ourselves and its quite obvious in this fast pacing world. It happens with everybody be it working men/women or non-working, even students.

I am the eldest amongst my siblings in my family so, I understand the responsibility that is implied to me. I have to do household chores from cleaning to cooking, then have to deal with the work stuff. My whole day is passed just like that. And during all these things it is difficult to take time for yourself. We get just one day off in a week for ourselves i.e. Sunday of course. But from my point of view, it is necessary to give yourself time daily because it's human nature that we care for our family more than we care for ourselves. Among all these daily stuff we just forget ourselves. And now when we are in this lockdown and sitting at home, why not just utilize this time on our family and our self. It's the best way to utilize this time. 

Neelam's Recipe

1. Know yourself - The first step to start working on yourself is to know yourself, explore yourself. Jot down your preferences, your hunger, your desires, about the world, the people that surround you and, above all the opinion you hold about yourself. This is for you to do. Don’t ask for other people’s opinions. If you’ve been comparing yourself to others and try to change as per others' opinion, you immediately need to stop that. And if you want to improve, stop thinking and start exploring the inner you. Start to ask yourself the “why" of things and examine certain attitudes of yours for others. I have started this by myself. My father always says that change happens when strong people take risks so start making small decisions without the help or advice of others.

2. Accept your emotions - You are not a slave to your emotions - even if it sometimes feels, like it. Your reaction is your reaction not what others say or do. Your emotions come from your thoughts, and you should learn that by now.

3. Train to control your thoughts - Emotion is energy in motion, a physical reaction to a thought. If you can control your thoughts, then you are capable of controlling your emotions. Emotions are not "good or bad", every emotion has its function: Fear protects you, anger allows you to defend yourself, put limits on, and show others what bothers you, sadness allows you to mourn and identify a lac, happiness allows you to feel great.

4. Protect Yourself – Avoid people that sound fake and open the doors for the right people into your life. You can easily sense that who acts as your friends and take pleasure in your pain or loss rather than in your happiness and success. My advice to you here is to get rid of them! There isn't enough time in your life to waste on people who want to take away the shine on your face rather I will say, you should love and respect yourself more.

5. Learning to listen to yourself – When someone says listen to yourself, it feels ridiculous how can we do that? But this means two things. Firstly, paying attention to how you talk internally and this is going to be really crucial to cultivate an intimate feeling of self-love. Secondly, in the emotional sense sometimes you can get valuable feedback from yourself.

Hope you find the article interesting... 

Please comment your views and share your experiences.

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Posted By – Neelam Saroj

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  1. Great article...people should focus on themselves first then the rest 👍👍


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