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Thursday, 26 March 2020

How to make your life easy and happy in this lockdown time

Life is the best creature of God; don’t make it tough, live your life like this is the best time for you and your family. Maybe, you will not get this chance second time in your life so, please STAY HOME and STAY SAFE. 

Family is the most important thing, so this is the Golden time for you to make it the best time of life. Spend time with them rather than using a phone all day. When everyone leaves you, your family is the one who always stays by your side. This is the time to make them feel how much thank full you are.

Do some funny things at home, make your family happy in this crucial time when the whole world is troubling with coronavirus problems so, it’s your duty to don’t be panic this time. I think God gave us the chance to spend time with your loved ones like mother, father, sisters, brothers, friends, and others.

Neelam's Tips for Self-Love and Success

1. Try to cook new food for your family - we become very busy in our life and cannot do all this stuff despite knowing that this small happiness can become delightful moments for our family.

2. Listen to your favorite songs and sing it loud to make your soul happy.

3. Give morning hug to your family members, this is the best way to show your love and care to your family and I would say that we should always do this also in working days too. 

4. Have device-free lunch and dinner with your family. Convince, people to keep aside their devices and have a meal connecting with only the people sitting at the table.

5. Know what makes you blissed out and on cloud nine, do it more often. Does dancing put you in a good mood? So, do that every day because it’s the best way to convey emotions.

6. Do 20 Jumping Jacks. This easy, do-anywhere exercise is sure to give you a quick energy boost and gets the blood flowing. It also helps to get the creative juices flowing, so it’s a great break to take during work or when feeling stuck on a project. 

7. Learn to draw, play an instrument or learn a language. Learning helps build self-confidence and feeds creativity. Read Novels if you like reading books.

8. Watch the sunrise or sunset. And remember, if something didn’t work out today, we need to try again and try harder the next time. And once this corona problem will go away from our life, everything will come to normal, always hopes for best. 

Hope you find the article interesting... 

Comment us your way to make life easy.

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Posted By - Neelam Saroj


  1. Such a good things and best tips. Tnks

    1. Thank you, Bharti. Keep in touch to get more updates.
      Team LIVEVIAR

  2. I will follow this thank u for motivations

    1. Thank you. Keep in touch to get more motivational blogs.
      Team LIVEVIAR

  3. Fabolous and you make basic points to live simple and tension free in these circumstances

    1. Thank you, Vinodnadu. Time will never wait for anyone or anything, it's actually you who makes the difference. So, enjoy every moment of the life.
      Team LIVEVIAR


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