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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

LGBT - Accept it or just back off

Love is love.

An acronym almost everyone is familiar with but, almost everyone is not ready to accept it. LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender. Firstly, let me brief you about what these terms really mean.
L- Lesbian stands for women who are romantically/emotionally or sexually attracted to women.
G- A gay guy is who is romantically/emotionally or sexually attracted to men.
B- Bisexual stands for the ones who are romantically/emotionally or sexually attracted to both sex or different from their own.
T- Transgender is a term used to describe people whose gender identity differs from what they have assigned during birth.

There is a "disease" in which people around us are suffering from this LGBT pride. This disease is known as homophobia. Symptoms of this disease are negative and absurd feelings towards the individual who comes under this community. For curing this disease, the LGBT community is fighting for itself from ages but the recovered count is much less than the infected count.
People of this community are labeled which I feel is not necessary because they are the same as every other human being around us or even better. We don't need to differentiate them from others. It doesn't matter which gender one is in love with what matters is he/she is getting to experience it.

People in this community faces a lot more problems than we can think of. We are living in this 21st century and still, we have to deal with all this absurdness. It's like people are just not ready to listen and understand the situation. Some people even call it a phase just to undermine their self-affirmation. Even one's parents reject their child. They consider their child sick, they think that they are diseased but instead, it's vice-versa. Well after the rejection of their parents they are rejected socially from almost everywhere be it restaurants, clubs, parks, and other places. They can't rent a place to live because of homophobia in people. Couples of this community can't hold hands together in public like others.

In 2018 the Supreme Court of India decriminalized homosexuality under the penal code of 377. After such measures also, people are just not ready to accept the people of this community.
This society is full of hypocrites and a prime example is people are accepting the people from this community for namesakes but they are not ready to own this among their own family or friends. People accept them but superficially. Due to this issue, it's quite discouraging to come out for people who belong to this community.

Because people around us are double-faced and it's scary. They might accept at your face but what's going in their mind you never know. I know people say it should not affect what other thinks, but to survive in this society you need to think about that. This is one issue another issue is people are not ready to talk about it. They just try to avoid the topic with the person who came out to them. They need to understand it's a big thing to come out to anybody and if somebody is doing that to you that means you are quite important in their life, your views matter to them.

So instead of avoiding the topic, you should talk it out, it will help both the parties. And as the topic says if you can't support them then please don't torment them.

Hope you find the article interesting... 

Please comment on your views.

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Posted By - Tripda Chaudhary


  1. Lovely 👌👌❤️ it's high time to make change in society.

  2. Beautiful article, this the topic which is needs to be written because it's the high time for change and you wrote it very well the condition of LGBT, what they are going through when even their own parents ain't acpeting their child.would love to read more, please keep writing......


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