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Sunday, 5 April 2020

5 questions raised when we talk about Women's Empowerment

In this era of mobile and internet, I believe all of us know what blogging is and if you are not clued-up then a one-liner answer would be “Blogging is something where we penning down our thoughts. We share it on the internet and let the world read it and get help from it.” And I find the internet as the best medium where empowered women write something to help other women, we call it as women empowering women. 
And when it comes to empowering women, we all should know what it means. So, to make it easy for you I have pointed out 5 questions that were raised when we talk about Women Empowerment.

Q- What is Women’s Empowerment?

Women's empowerment can be defined in very simple terms that it makes women powerful so that they can make every decision related to their life themselves and live well in family and society. Empowering women to make them independent in all aspects of mind, thought and decision and to achieve their real rights in society is women empowerment. Several schemes have been launched by the Indian government to bring women into the mainstream of development. So, that she can deal with a problem in society better than men.

Q- What is Women's Empowerment: Challenges and Prospects?

Why do we only talk about the empowerment of women instead of male empowerment? Why do women need empowerment and men do not? About 50% of the total population of the world is women, yet why does this large section of society need empowerment? Women are not even in the minority to require any special assistance. On the basis of facts, it is a proven argument that women are better than men in everything. So, here the question arises that why are we discussing the topic of 'women empowerment'?

Q- Why the need for Women’s Empowerment?

Empowerment has been needed for centuries to free women from exploitation and discrimination by men; the voice of women is suppressed in every way. Women are the targets of various forms of violence and discriminatory practices being carried out by men worldwide.

India is also not untouched. India is a complex country. A variety of customs, traditions, and practices have evolved here over the centuries. These customs and traditions, some good and some bad, have become a part of the collective consciousness of our society. To get out of all this, we need empowerment: for the development of our society, for violence against women in our society, for the campaign for female education, for empowering women through skill development challenges and opportunities, for gender equality, we need women empowerment. 

To honor women in Indian society, it is a tradition to worship women ladies as a mother, sister, daughter, wife, but this does not mean that just by worshiping women, the need for the development of the country will be fulfilled; it is necessary to kill all those monstrous thoughts that kill their rights and values in a society like illiteracy, dowry, feticide, domestic violence, human trafficking and what not.

Q- How small things can make differences to empower women and girls?

1. Provide them food, clean water and take care of their hygiene: Did you know most of the girls and women are not getting healthy food and clean water which is very dangerous to their health.
2. Support them in crisis: Millions of girls are subjected to abuse, human trafficking, child labour, and other offenses. What you can do is provide them a small business loan, tell them the value of education, provide them counseling and many more. Donate food, health care products, sanitary pads, old books and many more.
3. Mentor a girl close to home:  Reach out to girls coming from poor families or held by poverty and any kind of violence in your area or community and volunteer them as a mentor or tutors.  

4. Invest in small business owners: Reach out too hard-working female entrepreneurs and offer them a small loan so that they can expand their business.
5. Use your voice to help keep a girl in schools: Educate families to keep their girls in school so that they can live a better life, how quality education can make them earn higher wages, talk to them to marry later and make them actively participate in community life.
6. Help a new mom: The 2 years of a child and mother's life are most critical. You can save lives by giving mothers essentials like cloth, diapers, clean water, soap, oils, and blankets.
7. Tell the women in your life that you care: Start from your home, workplace, community and tell your mother, sister, wife, daughter how much you love them and appreciate them.

Q- Role of Women’s in the Nation’s progress.

This International Women’s Day(March 8th) all over the world, the government has initiated various schemes for empowering women. These range from community awareness and welfare of the girl child to women’s safety. 

Here are some of the schemes that started by Government(https://wcd.nic.in/schemes-listing/2405) by changing the lives of women’s in rural and urban areas:
1. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme
2. One-Stop Centre Scheme
3. Women Helpline Scheme
4. UJJAWALA : A Comprehensive Scheme for Prevention of trafficking and Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-integration of Victims of Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation
5. Working Women Hostel
6. Ministry approves new projects under Ujjawala Scheme and continues existing projects
7. SWADHAR Greh (A Scheme for Women in Difficult Circumstances)
8. Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women (STEP)
10. Awardees of Stree Shakti Puruskar, 2014 & Awardees of Nari Shakti Puruskar
11. Awardees of Rajya Mahila Samman & Zila Mahila Samman
12. Mahila E-Haat
13. Mahila Shakti Kendras (MSK)
15. Mahila Police Volunteers

In the end, I would say, women, are proving their worth in every field. Now, the time is changing, today's educated woman can change the whole society, as well as give a good life to their children. When the women of our country become educated. Only then we can say that the conditions of women in our country are getting better. Just as, men do not need any help. In the same way, a day will also come when women too will not have to depend on anyone to solve anything. And on that day, the dream of empowerment of women will be seen.

Hope you find the article interesting... 

Please comment on your views.

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Posted By – Neelam Saroj


  1. Women empowerment is the nice topic to write about because here everyone just only talk about women empowerment but nobody actually meant it. Things start from our own house or ourselves but still people treat women less than men, why so??? Even i have seen boys saying that women can't do this that even when womens have reached to the moon and space and they itself took birth from female. Because they have been taught since their birth that Mens are superior, womens are weak. Even in india i have seen many culture and rituals which says that women's are less, they always stand behind mens, they are depended om men's. I have seen parent's diffrentiating between their own daughter and son. Where is the women empowerment???? So my point is first teach your son that no one is superior , women's and men's are equal and teach them to RESPECT women's.....thanks for writing this wonderful and informative article Neelam Saroj.

  2. Thanks for your appreciation... As long as we continuously spread awareness, we are working toward a sustainable future.


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