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Sunday, 5 April 2020

Crying a part of Our Lives

No matter how good our lives are but there is always something that makes us feel sad. Well.... we need to agree that life without problems is boring and there will be nothing to laugh about when we'll be old, therefore ups and downs are meant to be a part of our lives.
Earlier, I didn't prefer crying, thinking it'll make me weak. Even if I wanted to, I didn't cry at all. This affected me emotionally as instead of thinking about the solution I buried all the negative feelings inside which made me feel demotivated about myself.

Crying makes you feel light, helps you to think more clearly. There is a sense of clarity in thoughts and you work in a much better way.

Humans produce three types of tears -
1. Basal - Tears are produced to keep eyes hydrated and to make sure they stay away from infections.
2. Reflex - In this case tears are triggered due to wind, dirt or any foreign material entering the eye causing a reflex action to flush out the irritants and protect the eye.
3. Emotional -Tears are triggered due to any emotional or physical pain or happiness that triggers stress hormones.

Crying is a necessary part of our system. It does feel terrible but somehow it affects you and your body in a positive way cleaning out all the terrible feelings, guilt and sadness. Crying is beneficial for health for the following reasons -
1. Crying helps to relieve pain - All the stress and discomfort are taken out with tears making you feel better.
2. It enhances mood - It helps you to think clearly make better decisions. Therefore, helping you to deal with them in a better way.
3. Aids sleep - Stress causes sleep deprivation therefore crying helps to aid sleep.
4. Removes toxics - It removes toxic substances from your body and makes you healthier physically and psychologically.
5. Vision - It makes your vision better.

If somehow you are crying way too usual and having a lot of negative feelings then you might be facing depression and similar other problems. Some symptoms of depression are-
1. Crying way too usually
2. Sleep deprivation or sleeping way too much
3. Crying for no particular reason
4. Your daily life is getting affected
5. Suicidal thoughts

If you feel like you are facing such problems I would suggest you consult a doctor.

Hope you find the article interesting... 

Please comment on your views and share your experiences on crying.

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Posted By – Ria Singh


  1. What a great article..
    And yeah crying makes you feel free... amazing work 🖤🖤😍😍

  2. I love your work.. I'd like to read more from you ❤️


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