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Sunday, 19 April 2020

From Friend to Life Partner

Life is very beautiful and some relationships make it more beautiful. A relationship where two unknown people promise to carry on for life. We live in a society where arranged marriage is emphasized. Husband-wife is a precious relationship made by God, there are many things in the husband-wife relationship, which makes their relationship stronger over time, it is said that wife without a husband is incomplete and husband without a wife. Together they complete this relationship.
Now the question arises how two people make this relationship beautiful. This task is difficult but not impossible because we promise to live with each other throughout our lives, and it is necessary to live together, first to make this relationship beautiful, which makes life even easier and this relationship where we never feel burdened.

A very beautiful feeling from a friend to Spouse. The dialogue of a Hindi film is: -

"Pyar ka pehla kadam bhi dosti hai aur akhri bhi"

This relationship also starts with friendship, the way we feel, relaxed with our friends, just like we have to feel with our spouse, Then, what is the thinking, the first step of the relationship should be friendship because it is very important to know each other before starting any relationship and it is also important to know the evils along with the good, this idea will strengthen our relationship. Because there is no good or bad condition in friendship. How we accept our friends as they are? Just like we have to accept our spouse as well. We should share all our beliefs, our likes, and dislikes with our spouses, without any hesitation, after all, now she is our soul mate.

We always have complaints that our spouse does not give us time to a large extent, this is also true. We get so busy in our working life that we are not able to take time out for our loved ones. Now, where half the world is running, we have a golden chance that by staying at home, we should give more time to our spouses, maybe this time do not come again, we should use this time well for ourselves. Sitting with Spouse, we should share all the things and stuff which we could not even speak on wishing, that too due to lack of time, now we have time to share our things, so please use this time to know more about your spouse. Share your thoughts, your hopes, your fear. Your passion is to tell your partner who you really are. Set something different every day just talks about the things that are important to each of you, as individuals. This is one of the most important things to strengthen your relationship.

Trust between husband-wife relationship is very important, we should trust each other, trust makes our relationship strong, and trust is the only one which does not allow our relationship to break. When we trust our spouse, then the outsider cannot try to break our relationship, we cannot bring a rift between us. This is the power of trust, so it is very important to trust your spouse. So, that's how our relationship becomes strong in front of the world.

Respect each other's wishes, respect each other, never insult your partner in the matter of always proving yourself right, nor try to ever let your partner down, because the honor is given by you. It also comes in the eyes of others, so maintain the dignity of a relationship so that people do not take advantage of it wrongly.

Do not let the anger come between each other, if both husband and wife understand each other, then anger and pride will never come between them. Never show yourself big, make others aware, take each other's advice and decide by swinging, which is good for both, by doing this, this can improve understanding.

No human is perfect, so do not make mistakes in each other, but give a chance to rectify mistakes, bring so much strength in your love that the person in front of you can improve his shortcomings without saying, love will have great power. If you make a person good, then give your partner a chance, then see the magic of your love. Everything will be good; this life will become more beautiful.

Let your love never end, you can't go on a date like before, so what happened, work in the kitchen together at home, help each other, I think that kitchen is the most romantic place, cook with love. And feed each other, try it and it feels very good.

After marriage, there are many changes in the life of both of them and we have to accept that because our life is not the same, with a new person, we also get with a new family, satisfaction i.e., with each other while living, take satisfaction in whatever happiness and convenience you get according to time and situation. In marital life, it is also necessary for the husband and wife to have complete dedication and sacrifice towards each other. Giving up or compromising some of their wishes and needs for each other is very important to maintain a romantic relationship. If we live in our first life then we will not be able to enjoy this new life or be happy.

With all this, we will be able to live a good and happy life with our life partner.

Please comment on your views and share your experiences.

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Posted By – Neelam Saroj


  1. So true...💛

  2. So true...💛

  3. Marriages are based on trust, respect and love. Who can be a better life partner than your best friend? They know you in and out, they stand by you, they show you the right path whenever you go astray. They love you for who you are, not for your clothes or your money or your beauty. They accept you. I wish I could marry my best friend.


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